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Mental Freedom - Embracing your Dharma

12 mins

Welcome to this session on sacred sound which is dedicated to helping you find mental freedom within your every day actions.

Dharma is a Sanskrit word that translates as duty.  In our culture today, the word duty often carries with it a lack luster impression of a life full of hardship, restraint, responsibility and even dull repetition. To do our duty in life often feels like a life-less chore.

Yet when we enshrine our personal opinion of duty with a greater understanding of dharma, then our prescribed duties in this life take on a whole new light. Dharma tells us that whether we are mopping the floor or running for president, whether we are a star on the X Factor or a secret singer in the bathroom, we are all equally free to find within each of these tasks and actions, the precious space we need to grow, to evolve and to become powerful and successful human beings. 

Basically, as long we we imbibe our thoughts and actions with a generous helping of self-respect and sprinkling of dignified self-appreciation, then life - instead of becoming a daily struggle to stay empowered and motivated, becomes an exciting journey of the soul. The mental and emotional quality of our journey become elevated.

Join me today as we chant verse 11 of chapter 7 of the the 5000 year old Indian text: the Bhagavad Gita:

7:11 Balam balavataam asmi, kaama raga vivarjitam; 

Dharma viruddho bhooteshu, kaamo’smi bharatar shabha.

I have separated up the verse into four easy to follow sections. The melody is simple and you don't need to be a practiced singer to sing along! Let's begin by chanting the Great Word three times. This is a kind of mental warm up which also helps us settle and re-focus ourselves away from our busy lives. When you are ready, simply follow the call and answer method I have prepared for you:

Balam balavataam asmi - (sing this back to me)

kaama raga vivarjitam - (sing this back to me)

Dharma viruddho bhooteshu - (sing this back to me)

kaamo’smi bharatar shabha - (sing this back to me)

Once you have joined in, close your eyes and enjoy taking a walk around the inner caverns of your spacious mind. The aim of coming together to sing these few words is simply to help you to clear away mental clutter that can leaves us feeling apathetic and directionless. Today's session has been created to help you to feel good about yourself, who you are and what you are achieving in this life... regardless of how humble or prestigious your 'duties' are in life. So come on...let's get singing!

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Members' comments:

2 Jul, 2023
moiranirvana's picture
Wow this is exquisite and inspiring. I feel the potency of Dharma today and I live my Dharma. A lovely find thank you Dru
21 Nov, 2020
Elna Hulsebosch Obreen's picture
Elna Hulsebosch...
9 Aug, 2020
SuMason's picture
this has really helped me today, thank you
9 Aug, 2020
Padma McIntyre's picture
Padma McIntyre
Hi Su Many thanks for your comment. A truly wonderful thing about the online studio is it's diversity. There is something for every occasion. Whatever you need on a particular day is there waiting for you! Padma


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