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moon salute

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Moon Salute

35 mins

Welcome to this nurturing Salutation to the Moon sequence, or the Chandra Namaskar, with our Senior Dru Yoga teacher Nanna Coppens.

Nanna takes us through a beautiful gentle but powerful journey of exploration of Chandra Namaskar and invites us to work with the principle of the moon energy which is also known as Soma in Sanskrit. 

In the Ayurvedic and Vedic tradition Soma is said to be a word that describes anything that is watery, nurturing, beneficial, calming, the part of us that enables us to sit back and rest. Soma apposes or/and complements the concept of Agni, the part of us that is always on the go, on the drive to achieve.

The idea of working with the principle of Soma or the moon energy offers us an opportunity to dive into and enjoy the inner aspects of our practice and our own experiences by asking questions such as, "How does my body feel when I do this sequence?" or, "How can I feel relaxed, calm and centred as I do this sequence?"

Nanna beautifully weaves into this session practical and physical ways to relax the body, such as stretching the psoas muscles and the diaphragm, with amazing powerful subtleties of Prana Vayu, hasta mudras (hand gestures) and visualisation to activate the principle of Soma and our connection to that part of us that represents the energy of the moon.

1. Activation

  • Rolling the shoulders, scooping
  • Figure of 8
  • Spinal wave
  • Hip openers

2. Stretches 

  • High lung/ runner – Psoas stretch
  • High lung with side stretch – Diaphragm stretch

3. Moon Sequence
4. Meditation with visualisation

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Members' comments:

1 Oct, 2023
little_gem557's picture
This felt really perfect for me today with the combination of the full moon and hormones. Thank you Nanna x
3 Jul, 2023
KarenP's picture
I have really enjoyed this session Nanna. and I will be bringing this into my teaching this week. Especially as we have a full moon :-) such a nurturing class. thank you
10 Jun, 2023
Claire Marsh's picture
Claire Marsh
I have followed this video a few times Nanna and today I came back to it. I love the concept of soma as a balance to agni. So good to take time for this and I will enjoy taking this into my class next week. Lots of thanks and love, Claire x
9 Feb, 2023
Hilary Airey's picture
Hilary Airey
Thank you Nanna, for this exceptionally nurturing session.
8 Dec, 2022
ClareInk's picture
This was lovely. Thank you Nanna :-)
16 Oct, 2022
JuliaS's picture
Absolutely Beautiful. Loved the meditation with the water element.
12 Oct, 2022's picture
Lovely teaching on all levels of being, feel calm and nourished. Thank you x
11 Oct, 2022
Rachel Hammond's picture
Rachel Hammond
Thank you Nanna for the depth of teaching in this wonderful sequence. I feel centered and calm. Ready to face whatever this day brings. Om shanti.x
6 Oct, 2022
KathyField's picture
Thank you so much Nana for bringing your lovely calm energy and sharing your wisdom in this salutation to the Moon. I will draw upon this when teaching in my seasonal workshops for autumn. I enjoyed hearing about Soma and use of pranayama too. Namaste
3 Oct, 2022
coppensgert's picture
Vanavond (3/10) heb ik mij verdiept in de Moon sequence. Dank je wel voor je prachtige voorbeeld. Tonight (3/10) I studied the Moon sequence. Thank you for your wonderful example.


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