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Morning Yoga

45 mins

Aja takes us through a beautiful morning practice inspired by Ayurveda, weaving ancient wisdom into modern day life setting us up for an energised day ahead, with a clear and focused mind and body. She aims to do this by combining yoga, Ayurveda, pranayama, meditation and lifestyle changes to provide us the opportunity to have a glimpse into and then further explore if we choose to, the philosophy of Dinachariya, which in Ayurveda means “your daily routine”.

Your daily routine according to Ayurveda is that which sets you up for the rest of the day.  However, your dinachariya should be something that which nourishes you and inspires you to really dedicate yourself to your practice; and at the same time it has an aspect of discipline to create the changes within your mind and body that you desire. Yet to create change, taking necessary actions is important.

Aja’s morning practice takes us through 7 steps to set us up for an energised day:

  1. Rise early – which means early bedtime.
  2. Prayer/Gratitude – as soon as you get up express your gratitude for who you are and what you have.
  3. Bathroom visit - Ayurvedic suggestions:
       > Tongue scrape – helps to remove toxins built over night
       > Oil pulling, brushing your teeth
       > Evacuation
       > Splash some water on face and eyes to cool your eyes
  4. Drink – Ayurvedically it’s recommended to drink warm water which flushes out your kidneys and it starts peristalsis in the digestive tract, helping to wake up your digestive fire. Avoid stimulating the body in un-natural ways by using mobile phones and drinking coffee or tea which eventually drains the kidneys.
  5. Movement – Ayurvedically inspired morning routine:
    Sitting cat or Cat

    Playful cat – forward and backward movement

    Gentle downward facing dog

    High plank or knees on floor

    Astanga asana – 8 points on mat
Downward facing dog


    Salvasana (Variation)



    Forward Bend

  6. The Sun Salutation sequence can be adapted for all 3 dosha types. 
    Vata – If your constitution is based on air and space, do your yoga in a slow and controlled way, keeping your gaze on the ground. This helps to create a sense of groundedness.
    Pitta – Pitta is predominantly based on the fire element (with alittle water mixed in). If this sounds like you do your practice a little fast but without holding for too long in the poses because it ignites too much fire. We suggest that instead of dog pose do the cat posture and add some twists.
    Kapha – If you are more earth and water then we suggested you need to bring in some more energising movements to create heat to counteract the kapha energy (which can be heavy and sluggish). It will help you to do several repetitions of the Sun Salutation.
  7. Pranayama and Meditation – Alternative Nostril Breathing helps to balance our nervous system
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Members' comments:

26 Oct, 2023
KathyField's picture
Thank you Aja for your insight and encouragement to develop and maintain our own Dinacharyia! I find your classes easy to follow and my energy lifted each time I listen to your inspirational wisdom. With deep gratitude - Namaste and Om shanti
23 Sep, 2023
Annette Paulich's picture
Annette Paulich
Thank you Aja for this beautiful and inspiring class. I am ready for a daily morning routine and this is really helpful… Namaste
20 Aug, 2023
Gmyteaching18L's picture
Such a beautiful morning session, Thank you Aja. Feeling very ready for a joyful day. Much love, Gill
19 Jan, 2023
Pauline Dru Team's picture
Pauline Dru Team
So glad that you are enjoying the class. It's so important to nourish and nurture ourselves.
14 Jan, 2023
KathyField's picture
Thanks so much Aja for sharing your wisdom and knowledge about how to develop a do able nourishing dinachariya. I really appreciate the flexibility in approach to movement and invitation to pick and mix and also adapt or leave out anything that doesn’t suit. The suggestion of introducing variations accordingly to be attuned to doshas also really helped! Wondered if any alternative postures to the astanga (8points) as I have arthritis in neck and spine, it’s not a good one for my body. I also love the way you teach and encourage mental, emotional and spiritual aspects and will definitely be introducing my own version of this class into my daily routine for 2023! Namaste Kathy
30 Jan, 2023
AjaK's picture
Hi Kathy - so glad you enjoyed the session. Instead of ashtangasana you can just lower your body completely to the floor, and take a breath with your awareness at the heart centre feeling the connection of your whole body on the earth.
13 Jan, 2023
Rachel Hammond's picture
Rachel Hammond
Thank you Aja for a thought provoking class. I really appreciate your gentle encouragement and words of wisdom - to listen to how I feel before I practice my yoga. I feel ready to give my best to the day ahead. I have been feeling very slugggish and low. I now feel brighter. Thank you xxx
11 Jan, 2023
Cécile1965's picture
Can you give me the title of the music, that is played on the background? Beautiful morning music. Tnx, Cécile
30 Jan, 2023
AjaK's picture
Hi Cecile, i'm not sure of the name of the track, as it's copyright-free music we use in these videos. If you have spotify though, you can look at my profile, Aja Krystall, and i have some nice gentle playlists - like 'neutral yin chill' or 'yin float' or 'chilled yoga' or for more classical music 'deep breaths'
10 Jan, 2023
KayMarples's picture
Beautiful and helpful session. Thank you.
9 Jan, 2023
Cécile1965's picture
So wunderful, thank you Aja. Warm greetings, Cécile
6 Jan, 2023
annie jones's picture
annie jones
I am soooo glad to see that you are all enjoying the first class of the new year - happy new year to you lovely yogi's. Heres to deepening our practice together this year - Annie x
5 Jan, 2023
Machteld's picture
Thank you, Aja, for a beautiful and inspiring class. Much love today.
5 Jan, 2023
Monika Wissing's picture
Monika Wissing
Thank you so much Aja. I really enjoy this class and anyway all your classes. Best wishes for 2023!
4 Jan, 2023's picture
Thank you Aja. A beautiful routine and wisdom shared. Much love. Carly xx
4 Jan, 2023
Jan Hall's picture
Jan Hall
Many thanks Aja - such a beautiful and inspiring class! Happy New Year! :)
4 Jan, 2023's picture
Thankyou Aji, really enjoyed your class. Happy New Year and best wishes for 2023!
1 Jan, 2023's picture
Thank you…..may add some of this to my first classes of this year
1 Jan, 2023
Shahn's picture
Dear Aja. Thank you for your beautiful and inspiring teaching and your wise words. This class was a great way for me to start my New Year! I am looking forward to more of your classes :) Wishing you many blessings xxx
30 Dec, 2022
SylviaC's picture
Thanks for the inspiration Aja,I really loved this class!


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