Annie Jones

Co-founder, International School of Dru Yoga

As co-founder of Dru (UK), Director of the Dru Yoga Online Studio, a nutritionalist, Ayurvedic Consultant and Live and Dry Blood Analyst Annie is one of the...

Natural Weight Loss Series: Class 1

70 mins

In this class we will be stretching the liver, stimulating the thyroid gland and improving your digestion.

Annie will take you through EBR1, the Rotated Triangle (Parivritta Trikonasana), the Sitting Spinal Twist (Ardha Matsyendrasana) and a Suported Inverted Posture (Viparita Karani) to get your metabolism working at its optimum.


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Members' comments:


20 Mar, 2017
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
Hiya everyone, sorry about the missing piece - this is now an ancient class, which unfortunately we're not able to re-edit. We will be re-filming this series soon - watch this space!
7 Jul, 2016
dominique's picture
yes, it's a good class, but there is a peace missing.. see the other comments x
3 Jul, 2016's picture
Unfortunately a couple of glitches in this video. A lovely class so would be great if it could be rectified.
11 May, 2016
KateJ's picture
heh ladies I so love this class - annie it stops at the 28 min mark with commencing the backward bend EBR 1 and cuts out then goes into triangle pose. Not sure if its meant to be that or if anyone else has experienced this? thanks so love the class though
19 Apr, 2016
JuliaS's picture
Brillant. Iam 71 kg and my goal is to return to 61kg. So Iam loving this series and Loving doing Dru Yoga daily.
3 Nov, 2015
JosephineP's picture
Thankyou. I feel great now. So lovely.
7 Jan, 2015
Vicky Rippin's picture
Vicky Rippin
Really lovely class, thank you x

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