Annie Jones

Co-founder, International School of Dru Yoga

As co-founder of Dru (UK), Director of the Dru Yoga Online Studio, a nutritionalist, Ayurvedic Consultant and Live and Dry Blood Analyst Annie is one of the...

Natural Weight Loss Series: Class 3

59 mins

This session will stretch and tone all the important areas for enhancing weight balance, namely the stomach, buttocks and thighs.  Be prepared for a dynamic workout and a lovely relaxation!

An energetic activation is followed by an extended version of Energy Block Release 2 as never seen before!  In addition to Chair of the Heart (Utkatasana), enjoy strong side stretches and specific abdominal strengthening with the Boat pose. The Bridge posture (Setubhandasana) provides a buttock toner and the Bow (Dhanurasana), a way to stimulate digestive fire.

You will be ready to relax and enjoy a long 4-stage relaxation to complete your health and wellbeing programme.


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Members' comments:


16 Jul, 2017
Jo's picture
Thank you, enjoyable way to start a Sunday! Xx Liked the strong postures
5 Feb, 2015
lindah's picture
Loved this class and the relaxation was beautiful too. Thank you x
1 Oct, 2009
lucy's picture
lovely relaxation, thanks!
14 Sep, 2009
sandra's picture
I have really enjoyed this class & especially the relaxation! Thank you, from Vancouver, Canada!
2 Sep, 2009
DoreenTaggart's picture
Really really enjoy having Annie in my Yoga Studio every day---now only enjoyable the lessons but very informative as well, all the little thing that are issed in our manual---GREAT IDEA

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