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Overcoming Fear Uncertainty and Doubt

 -   & 
Monica Staniforth
65 mins

Fear (anxiety), uncertainty and doubt (FUD) are the challenges of our time - and in this session, we'll share the easy ways Dru Yoga and Meditation can help ease these out of your life.

Dru Meditation's approach to meditation gives you an easy pathway to comfortable, fulfilling meditation, even if your mind feels impossibly busy. Success in meditation is all about understanding how it works, and why it works. 

In this Masterclass filmed live at the Dru Centre in Snowdonia, Andrew Wells and Monica Staniforth will show you effortless ways to prepare yourself for a comfortable meditation experience, and how to ensure that it feels energising and stabilising.

We'll then use this state to help you transform the emotional-mental energies within the mind that cause the dreaded FUD. :-)!

By transforming the actual energetic causes of these states, we begin to discover that we are so, so, so much more than our mind or its emotions. In fact, we have the opportunity, always, to find a part of ourselves that is strong and clear amidst any of the ups and downs of life.

Lessons from neuroscience

We will also explore two important lessons from neuroscience. 

Firstly, we want to help you derail the anxiety cycle, the positive feedback loop within your brain-body connection that triggers an increase in your stress.

Secondly, you’ll discover a bit more about the emerging field of interoception, the body’s pathways from your organs to your brain; which turn out to be setting much of the emotional scene within your psyche. And you’ll also learn yoga and meditation techniques to become an active designer of the messages within your emotional system.

This masterclass is designed to set you up with a practice you can use to transform these energies, bit by bit, in effortless stages that are fulfilling, doable, accessible for everyone. 

Session contains:

  • Introduction
  • Yoga activation & preparatory movements
  • Theory - transforming the anxiety spiral
  • Dru Earth salute as a 'body prayer'
  • Meditations including two mudras (hand gestures) and the Inner Smile technique

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Members' comments:

5 Feb, 2023
KayMarples's picture
Wonderful. Thank you so much.
25 Jul, 2022
urvashi's picture
Thank you Andrew and Monica. Just needed that today.
3 Mar, 2022
Susan Hardwick's picture
Susan Hardwick
Thank you so much for this Andrew and Monica. This simple yet profoundly effective set of mindful movement and meditation has been so helpful for me today, just what I needed to help calm my mind. Om Shanti


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