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Christiane - Power Sequence Part 2

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Power Sequence - Part 2 Live Class

61 mins

In this class, Christiane will take us through the second part of the Dru Power Sequence. The class focuses on Bakasana (the Crane posture) and Bhima, and how it all flows together in this dynamic sequence. 

On a physical level this sequence stimulates the digestive system, tones the thighs, mobilises the spine and stretches the sides of the body. On a subtle level this sequence can act like a ‘remover of obstacles', helping you face any challenges that lie ahead of you. Perfect to give you a real boost of energy to ignite all your inner fires!

Bakasana is an inverted posture which reverses the flow of energy through the chakras. This helps remove stubborn habit patterns and strengthens your willpower and determination. You may wish to have a chair and blocks to hand for the modification.

Bhima brings power into the sequence releasing your inner fire.

After taking you through Phrase 2, enjoy a deep relaxation.

This class includes:

  • Activations including body preps
  • Bakasana - including modifications 
  • Bhima - including modifications

Dru Power Sequence - Phrase 2: 

  • Diagonal Warrior
  • Bakasana
  • Runner
  • Bhima
  • Wide stance forward bend

Feel radiant, confident and empowered as you open the channels of internal energy pathways!

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Members' comments:

9 Nov, 2020
Rachel Hammond's picture
Rachel Hammond
Thankyou - loved this class and the soothing relaxation. xx


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