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Christiane - Power Sequence Part 3

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Power Sequence - Part 3 Live Class

59 mins

Ignite all your inner fires, so you can express the pure intentions from your heart.

As promised we will continue to work with the Power Sequence in this class. Now we're ready to put it all together.

This sequence activates the subtle energy pathways within your body, especially Manipura chakra - the centre of vitality. This fuels your heart so you can give with strength and power selflessly and make your contribution to this world.

This class includes:

  • Activations including body preps
  • Full sequence 3 times both sides
    • Movements only
    • Movements with breath
    • Movements with powerful affirmations
  • Deep Relaxation

Feel the power and strength in your body, in your mind, in your emotions, in your connection with life.

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Members' comments:

29 Dec, 2021
Joannaca6's picture
thank you Christiana and Ruth - a fantastic combination of a class; I feel both energized and relaxed.
11 Jan, 2021
alexis's picture
Love this class, thank you Christiane and Ruth. Namaste
6 Dec, 2020
willydeelen's picture
Diep dankbaar voor de fijne liefdevolle uitleg, de volledigheid en de zorgvuldigheid waarmee alles tot een geheel is gekomen. wat ik in deze momenten ervaar is liefde, verbinding en hernieuwde inspiratie om het leven te omarmen. Namaste
19 Nov, 2020
Rachel Hammond's picture
Rachel Hammond
Thank you Christiane and Ruth. A wonderful experience.


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