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Jenni Jones - pre-natal yoga

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Pre-natal class 1

28 mins

Jenni’s gentle pace and clear instruction is recommended to help off set the general aches and pains that often accompany pregnancy. As well as superb demonstrations, she explains how some of the stretches are helping to create the space needed for baby to grow, for keeping our muscles strong yet flexible, and for keeping the body toned and in alignment, despite the pressures often felt at this time.

This class is ideal for any pregnant mother to be, particularly those in the 2nd and 3rd trimester.

Jenni covers aspects of sitting posture, of standing from a sitting position and reversal, of warrior stretch, of gentle rocking on all fours, and of resting in a gentle child position.

Jenni brings the class to closure after some deep breathing, using belly, chest and slightly opened mouth, to feel more chilled, relaxed and prepared for life ahead as a new mother.

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Members' comments:

10 Mar, 2022
Yoga with L's picture
Yoga with L
I wanted to try this class to familiarise myself with how a pregnant mama would feel during a yoga lesson and I will love to use some of your beautiful nurturing tips for postnatal women even in my baby massage classes ~ beautiful. Lian x


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