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Quick fix series - re-energise

26 mins

Welcome to this re-energising class with Dru Yoga teacher trainer, Christiane Saar. This session includes a flowing, powerful sequence called the Inner Fire. It helps us to re-ignite our strength, power, motivation and enthusiasm for life. Our inner fire is the passion and joy we experience when we are energised and empowered.

Consciously release stagnated energy from the sides of the body through the Bhima pose and the Rotated Triangle. The Warrior activates the legs and core, drawing up strength from the lower body up to the heart.

It's a strong postured based class, so please ensure you listen to your body and don't over strain. There are modifications and stages to make this session easier for those who need it.


This fun and exciting session includes:


  • Forward bends, soaring eagle, warrior lunges and an iliopsoas stretch
  • During these activations Christiane also invites you to imagine a 'chalice' posture, working with visualisation as you invite light into your body to energise the cells.

The Inner Fire Sequence

Christiane first demonstrates this sequence, so take a moment to watch before you join in. It consists of three parts:

  1. The Bhima posture - to activate solar energy, stored in the manipura (third energy centre in the body).
  2. The Rotated Triangle - it's function is to distribute the solar energy to the rest of the body.
  3. The Warrior posture - gives you added strength physically and emotionally.

Get the most out of the Inner Fire sequence:

  • Guided demonstration 1 - easier version suitable for most practitioners
  • Guided demonstration 2  - a more advanced version of the Inner Fire sequence, adding in a deeper stretch
  • Add visualisation of light - drawing it down your arms into your heart
  • Include self empowering 'inner strength' statements; "I am strong, I am confident, I am beautiful."
  • Complete this dynamic session with a final power mantra:  'I am filled with abundant energy and dynamism.' 


To end this class, Christiane invites you to lie down and enjoy a short deep relaxation. Visualise light filling and energising your whole body. Have a blanket ready to keep yourself warm for this lovely rest!



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Members' comments:


8 Jan, 2019
Neesey55's picture
Thank you. Enjoyed this class. I am definitely filled with energy now.
11 Dec, 2018
kathrineparker1@me.com's picture
Love the way you teach this class Christiane! So gentle yet powerful. Thank you, feel warm now! X
23 Oct, 2018
Lynda Statham's picture
Lynda Statham
Beautiful, just perfect between gardening and going to my 3 hr Welsh Class. Thank you Christian.
15 Aug, 2017
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
Christiane has such a great way of teaching the strong stuff without feeling totally overwhelmed! Thank you for your comments everyone :-) More coming soon...
3 Aug, 2017
Sarah Bellorini's picture
Sarah Bellorini
Wonderful combination of energising movements and relaxation - I feel completely put back together. Thank you so much Christiane :-)
3 Aug, 2017
Rosie Mead's picture
Rosie Mead
A great little class, Christiane! I'm ready for my day, feeling strong and energised. Thanks!
8 Mar, 2017
LindsYoga's picture
Exactly what I needed this morning, thanks Christianne!
27 Jan, 2017
Jo's picture
Just right for today. Thank you Christiane
22 Jan, 2017
Grazyna's picture
Such a lovely quick session, thank you. It works so well for me as I am able to fit it in my busy mornings, and I love the sequence :) Thank you Christiane xx
8 Nov, 2016
Anke de Hoop's picture
Anke de Hoop
lovely, thank you Christiane
5 Nov, 2016
NikkiM's picture
now I feel able to met the days challenges!I loved the visualisation in the relaxation, could have stayed there for ages!. thank you :0)
5 Nov, 2016
MartinaV's picture
great! thank you Christiane!

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