Quick fix series - energise

Christiane Saar

Christiane Saar

Dru Yoga Teacher Trainer

As a Dru Yoga teacher trainer, I'm passionate about health and wellbeing and how to improve it using simple and powerful tools of Dru Yoga. I'm based at...

Quick fix series - re-energise

26 mins

Welcome to this class with Dru Yoga tutor, Christiane, inviting you to re-energise your whole body. This fun and exciting session will include the following:


  • Forward bends, soaring eagle, warrior lunges and an iliopsoas stretch
  • During these activations Christiane also invites you to imagine a 'chalice' posture, working with visualisation as you invite light into your body to energise the cells.

The Inner Fire Sequence

Christiane first demonstrates this sequence, so take a moment to watch before you join in. It consists of three parts:

  1. The Bhima posture - to activate solar energy, stored in the manipura (third energy centre in the body).
  2. The Rotated Triangle - it's function is to distribute the solar energy to the rest of the body.
  3. The Warrior posture - gives you added strength physically and emotionally.

Get the most out of the Inner Fire sequence:

  • Guided demonstration 1 - easier version suitable for most practitioners
  • Guided demonstration 2  - a more advanced version of the Inner Fire sequence, adding in a deeper stretch
  • Add visualisation of light - drawing it down your arms into your heart
  • Include self empowering 'inner strength' statements; "I am strong, I am confident, I am beautiful."
  • Complete this dynamic session with a final power mantra:  'I am filled with abundant energy and dynamism.' 


To end this class, Christiane invites you to lie down and enjoy a short 6 minute deep relaxation. Visualise light filling and energising your whole body. Have a blanket ready to keep yourself warm for this lovely rest!

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Members' comments:


15 Aug, 2017
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
Christiane has such a great way of teaching the strong stuff without feeling totally overwhelmed! Thank you for your comments everyone :-) More coming soon...
3 Aug, 2017
Sarah Bellorini's picture
Sarah Bellorini
Wonderful combination of energising movements and relaxation - I feel completely put back together. Thank you so much Christiane :-)
3 Aug, 2017
Rosie Mead's picture
Rosie Mead
A great little class, Christiane! I'm ready for my day, feeling strong and energised. Thanks!
8 Mar, 2017
LindsYoga's picture
Exactly what I needed this morning, thanks Christianne!
27 Jan, 2017
Jo's picture
Just right for today. Thank you Christiane
22 Jan, 2017
Grazyna's picture
Such a lovely quick session, thank you. It works so well for me as I am able to fit it in my busy mornings, and I love the sequence :) Thank you Christiane xx
8 Nov, 2016
Anke de Hoop's picture
Anke de Hoop
lovely, thank you Christiane
5 Nov, 2016
NikkiM's picture
now I feel able to met the days challenges!I loved the visualisation in the relaxation, could have stayed there for ages!. thank you :0)
5 Nov, 2016
MartinaV's picture
great! thank you Christiane!

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