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Dru Yoga trainer, Osteopath and 'the face of Dru'

As a trained Osteopath and qualified Dru Yoga Instructor, Coby combines the two practices to provide a unique holistic approach to controlling back pain. With...

Re-Energise & Re-Vitalise 3

60 mins

The final programme in this three-part series.  This programme will create total health and vibrancy on every level. The Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskara) is traditionally known to boost energy levels. It is the panacea for re-energising and re-vitalising!

The combination of movements in this programme will totally energise the mind and body at every level.

The Energy Block Release 1 sequence will stretch and prepare your muscles to let go of tiredness and tension. The Dru Flowing Sun Salutation will deeply release your spine and lift the energy up to the heart to empower and uplift you!

Feel strong and relaxed, yet full of energy and enthusiasm to give power to your dreams.

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8 Oct, 2016
Jo's picture
Really lovely class to begin Saturday. Thank you Coby and Annie xx

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