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Relax and unwind 2

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Relax and Unwind 2

50 mins

Relax and unwind - a three part series designed to help you to relax and unwind on all levels, physically, mentally and spiritually.                                               

Session 2 Relax and unwind your mind  - Reduce emotional stress, worry and anxiety. 

Let Annie help you combine the breath with movement, positive healing visualisations and empowering affirmations in such a way that you can watch your whole mind and emotions melt away.

Use this creative programme to help you truly let go of any worries and anxiety and embrace a calmer, more confident and relaxed YOU!

Each session will introduce you to the following terms and concepts:

Session 2 includes the following:

  • Activations 
  • Energy Block Release 3 combines gentle movement, breathing and visualisations to help you to release deep negative emotions like grief, sadness and anger.
  • the Moon sequence - Chandra Namaskara, also known as the Moon Salute to help calm and balance your emotions.
  • the Crocodile with a visualisation on the calming rays of the moon.
  • the Sphinx - with a visualisation on a purifying fountain of water cleansing and calming the mind.
  • Annie finishes this second class with a deep relaxation, focussing on the deep peace and calm of 'moon breathing'.
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Members' comments:

7 Apr, 2022
KayMarples's picture
Thank you. This is just what I needed. I found the your relaxation so calming and I loved your tip about keeping joy in the heart.
10 Sep, 2020
KathyField's picture
This is a really great class for balancing emotions - the relaxation in particular is wonderfully restorative. Thank you Annie!
28 Aug, 2019's picture
Annie, this class is amazing. You have brought me to the most delicious still place as I face a busy & challenging day. Thank you from my warm, still heart. x
7 Jun, 2018
cat's picture
I think this was the best class I could choose to help my lungs recover from pneumonia - it was so beautiful and gave me a fresh perspective on EBR 3 and one I will take to my students. What a wonderful balance to follow with Chandra Namaskara , thank you Annie x
22 Mar, 2018's picture
I love this class last thing at night before bed. I needed the moon sequence to calm myself and my emotions, and got the bonus of EBR 3, which I love. In the runner at the end of EBR 3, Annie you are facing away from us, and bringing the left arm around instead of the right arm. This is when your left leg is forward. Thank you for this beautiful class.
10 Feb, 2017
Liz Waddington's picture
Liz Waddington
Ahhhhh beautiful thank you Annie :-)
3 Nov, 2016
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
Hi Blossom, I've just had a look and don't seem to be having this issue - if you re-fresh the page again does it now work? Thanks, Anouschka.
31 Oct, 2016's picture
hello there! I can't seem to access this class - all that plays when I click on it is a 7 minute safety video - can you please help direct me to the class? thank you!
7 Aug, 2016
MelC's picture
Thanks Annie. That has to be one of my favorite online classes.
7 Aug, 2016's picture
I have joined this class twice now, the first time I went into a a beautiful sleep afterwards, which was in the morning after a night's sleep! It worked wonders for me as I resonated with needing to calm my emotions as they were draining my energy and enthusiasm. It was the perfect remedy for me. Just beautiful! Sending you a big hug, x


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