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River of life force

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River of Vitality Meditation

32 mins

Prepare yourself for a super energization!

Yoga and Ayurveda have a myriad of techniques for enhancing your life force. This meditation uses the metaphor of a river to systematically bring a living stream of life force and vitality into the tissues of your body. We're going to get a feel for Ayurveda's approach to the layers of tissues - or dhatus - within you: your skin, muscles, organs, skeletal system and nerve/endocrine systems. And we'll practice detoxing them and then supercharging them with vitality.

According to Ayurveda, it is relatively easy to access, detox and recharge the more external layers of your body. However, the deeper core contains highly charged and super condensed life force that takes much longer to access and still longer to recharge. Building a living relationship with these dhatus can help this process immensely, and that's what this meditation is designed to do.

So, I'm hoping you'll enjoy a meditative journey through your dhatus and discover how easy it is to be an active player in the healing and vitalisation of your body.

You can use this meditation as a great detox, or as a great way of gaining vitality - simply emphasise whichever aspect you feel you need most. You could even do the meditation lying down as a deep relaxation!

I was inspired to record this for you during a month on an Ayurvedic health retreat in India. I spent many, many hours meditating by the river you'll see in this video, and couldn't resist sharing its tranquility and healing beauty with you.

Thanks to the fabulous team at Ayurveda Yoga Villa for their warmth and hospitality!

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Members' comments:

16 Feb, 2022
KayMarples's picture
Beautiful and gentle. It left me with great clarify in my head.This is so peacful. Thank you Andrew.
2 Dec, 2021
JosephineP's picture
Thank you so much This is a very beautiful meditation amazing
19 Mar, 2021
EF's picture
Thankyou Andrew, I was feeling very low this morning & this was just the tonic I needed to get me back on track, a beautiful meditation I will use regularly
19 Jun, 2020
Isabelleharwood's picture
Hi Andrew. Your voice and how you present this meditation is livery soothing and vitalising. Thank you.
3 Apr, 2020
SteveMcCaffrey's picture
that was amazing thank you
1 Jul, 2018
chiaralyons's picture
Andrew, thank you so much for that beautiful, powerful meditation. The sounds and sights of the river coupled with your amazing guidance and striking visualisation was just magical. I really could feel each different part of my body relaxing and giaing light and life as you talked us through. It really helped relax my body in a profound way. Amazing!!!
3 Feb, 2018
Barbara Ruthotto's picture
Barbara Ruthotto
Dearest Andrew, thank you for the wonderful meditation. I used it the last days as a preparation for my panchakarma treatment in Ayurveda Yoga Villa. Looking forward to sit at this beautiful river having in mind your voice and love for nature and people. Thank you for being such an empowering and caring teacher. Love and light from Germany, Barbara xxx
27 Jan, 2018
Lynda Statham's picture
Lynda Statham
Wow,absolutely wonderful my whole body is still tingling with life force while writing this. Thank you Andrew for such a beautiful meditation.
9 Jan, 2017
campbellinglis@icloud.com's picture
Wow......amazing and powerful visualisations..... I feel so much better this evening, now that I have listened to this meditation.... thanks
2 Mar, 2016
JennyMo's picture
Thanks Andrew that was a wonderful relaxation. A revitalising experience at a time when my body needed recharging at a deeper level. The sounds and visuals refreshed the memories of sitting by that very sacred river not so long ago, and witnessing a blue bird and 3 eagles flying by. OM Jenny
9 Oct, 2015
KC's picture
Thank you for a vibrant, fresh and energising meditation. The journey through my entire body was awakening. Thank you again for the magical experience.
2 Sep, 2015
soul.works@bigpond.com's picture
Thankyou - wonderful visual, sounds of India and nature, Andrew's soothing voice and the relaxation.
1 Sep, 2015
rbn.collins@gmail.com's picture
Good morning Andrew & thank you. Visuals were beautiful and I connected with them at times. I felt well connected with myself on completion & I will carry this into my day & observe myself. Love the opportunity to have a feel for the Ayurvedic approach. Robyn


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