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Aja Krystall - root to rise class

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Root to Rise - earth

65 mins

The way our modern, Western society prioritises ways of being has come to affect how we perceive life, our place in the world and is therefore having an effect on our health. It’s put on us that working really hard, earning more, living faster and flashier is better, whereas taking time to reflect, pause, rest and just ‘be’ can be seen as being selfish, or not important. 

But in the ancient model and yin and yang, the opposing and complementary forces are both as important as the other in this creation. As natural as the transition from winter to summer, warm yang energy emerges from quiet yin energy - and vice versa. Similarly, how well rested your body determines how dynamically active it can be. This basically means, how well you are able to rest and recharge determines how much you can give back to the world. Rather than always running on half charge and hence running yourself into the ground, I invite you to make clear choices about when you are actively giving to the world, and when you are giving to yourself. 

In this class, we’ll be starting with some long hold yin poses to bring deep rest and strength to the body, and then use that steadiness as a foundation to bring some yang energy to the body. Finally, we’ll end with some more quiet yin postures so that you end this class feeling in perfect harmony, ready to start your day with quiet inner strength and clarity.

As this class focuses on the element of the earth, you will recognise the Dru Prithvi Namaskara (Earth Sequence) as a basis for the flowing/ dynamic section of this class. Nourish your roots and re-establish your connection to the earth in this beautiful class.

This class contains postures such as:
Sitting forward bend
Earth Sequence flow with Warrior 1 and 2, Bhima and extended runner

"Yang is known to be more will-oriented, and dynamic in nature. It is eternal motion and cosmic action. Yin on the other hand is receptive, supportive and magnetic. It is eternally stabilizing and of cosmic potentiality. Both Yin and yang possess the needed qualities for creation and evolution.” (S.K. Paul)

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Members' comments:

19 Nov, 2023
Rachel Hammond's picture
Rachel Hammond
I am set up for the day. Thank you again Aja. Too much gardening had left me with right lower back pain. The Yin stretches and flowing sequence has relieved it. Many thanks x
14 Oct, 2023
Rachel Hammond's picture
Rachel Hammond
Once again Aja thank you for this wonderful class. Your voice sharing your wisdom is very grounding and calming. I found my inner stillness. xx
26 Aug, 2023
raphkevdweide's picture
Thanks Aja, I love this class. My first experience with Yin yoga. Wonderful healing combination of Relaxation and Action calming body and mind. Thanks!!!
30 Jul, 2023
Dendob-24's picture
Lovely class, just right for my Sunday morning practice ❤️
9 Jul, 2023
Julia-Dru Team's picture
Julia-Dru Team
Beautiful class Aja, first experience of the dance between Yin and Yang. Thank you x
12 May, 2023
Rachel Hammond's picture
Rachel Hammond
Thank you again Aja. Your class is so calming and grounding. xx
13 Apr, 2023
Rachel Hammond's picture
Rachel Hammond
Thank you Aja again. I am adjusting to a new chapter in my life. My Dad died 2 weeks and 2 days ago. Your beautiful voice and calmness have helped me to find some peace this morning. xx
16 Mar, 2023
Rachel Hammond's picture
Rachel Hammond
Once again this is a wonderful class. Thank you Aja. I am set up for the day. xx
6 Jan, 2023
JuliaS's picture
So Love this class . Love the mix of Yin with Dru and the Earth sequence. I will be revisiting this class many times xx
6 Dec, 2022
Jayen78's picture
Thank you Aja, very special
3 Nov, 2022's picture
I really enjoyed this class, Aja. I feel great after a long day! Very refreshing variations of the Earth Sequence.
30 Oct, 2022
Rachel Hammond's picture
Rachel Hammond
Definitely one of my favourite sequences. Thank you again. x
20 Oct, 2022
Rachel Hammond's picture
Rachel Hammond
Thank you again Aja. I love this sequence of Yin,Yang,Yin. So very grounding. xx
14 Sep, 2022
JuliaW's picture
Thank you for this very restorative, balancing class. Loved it.
17 Aug, 2022
KathyField's picture
Aja - thank you so very much for putting together this class….I feel perfectly balanced in body, mind and soul. I loved the “bell curve” effect of transitioning from yin to yang qualities and particularly enjoyed the variation of Prithvi Namaskara. Wonderful! Any chance of a Masterclass on this theme?
25 Jul, 2022
Pat Watten's picture
Pat Watten
A beautiful class, I absolutely love it and will share some of this with my students. Thank you so much, looking forward to the next class :) xx
14 Jul, 2022
CMiller's picture
Amazing - lovely earth sequence in a whole new way. Love it!
10 Jul, 2022
Sophie BK's picture
Sophie BK
Thank you Aja. I love this yin yang approach and the two classes you did on the studio. I taught similar versions to my students who loved it! Great classes.
24 Jun, 2022
Raisinloaf's picture
Absolutely wonderful class - grounding, strengthening and relaxing all in one. Excellent recharge! Thank you Aja - love this style of teaching. Om shanti.
19 Jun, 2022's picture
Thank you ...totally loved that first yin yoga experience....loved the mix....
11 Jun, 2022
DahnaM's picture
Oh wow! Very very cool. Such a creative mix of Dru with Yin yoga and others. Just what I needed. Totally going to borrow some of this to share with my students too! Thanks x
1 Jun, 2022
Jacky1970's picture
Thank you for this inspiring class, I definitely are going to integrate this is my classes with my students. I love the safety and grounding theme. Jacky x
28 May, 2022
Rachel Hammond's picture
Rachel Hammond
Thank you so very much Aja for a wonderful restorative practice. I really appreciate the silent spaces. Learning to 'be' can be a challenge. I feel at peace, yet stretched and strengthened too.
28 May, 2022
Danny Verhelst's picture
Danny Verhelst
very nice class! interesting to see both the yin & yang aspects in this class.
26 May, 2022
JuliaS's picture
Excellent. More I do The More I enjoy This Class.
15 May, 2022
Eleanor's picture
That was an absolutely sublime class - thank you. I feel stretched, balanced and at peace. A beautiful combination of yin and dru with a gentle yet effective vinyasa flow. Excellent explanations all through the class.
15 May, 2022
JuliaS's picture
so much knowledge. awesome thanks
8 May, 2022
KathyField's picture
Thank you for sharing your wisdom of yin and yang and how this combination can really enhance our energy balance. I feel so clear headed as well as stretched and relaxed - and I loved the adaptation of Prthvi Namaskar too - I will return to practice this again!
5 May, 2022's picture
Lovely class, thank you. I’ve tried yin yoga only once or twice. Lovely to combine it with Dru sequences. My choice this morning to relax from a day of fatigue.
5 May, 2022
Yoga with L's picture
Yoga with L
I really enjoyed this lesson. I love restorative yoga and I enjoyed learning more about Yin (I have only tried Yin Yoga a few times). This was a beautiful combination with the Earth Sequence too. Thank you, Lian
4 May, 2022
Linda Griffiths's picture
Linda Griffiths
Thank you so much for such a wonderful class ! xxx
3 May, 2022
jennyclare's picture
really enjoyed that. Thank you. I feel wonderfully restored
3 May, 2022
Susan Hardwick's picture
Susan Hardwick
Such a beautiful class and a wonderful fusion of yin and yang. Exactly what I need at this time. Thank you so much


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