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Safety Video

6 mins


Here's the legal stuff you need to read before using this site...

Please do practise the classes on this site with care and caution. Not all exercise is suitable for everyone.

If you have any doubt, please consult your doctor and if you feel any pain, discomfort of dizziness, please do not continue until you have sought medical advice.

The instructions within the videos on this site are in no way intended as a substitute for medical counselling. The creators, producers and participants of this programme disclaim any liability or loss in connection with the exercise and the advice therein.



Please watch our safety video

Before you enjoy your Dru Yoga classes please watch the safety video above. It's only a few minutes long and will help you make the most of your yoga.

For many people it's a surprise to discover that you'll get the best from your yoga not by pushing yourself but rather by relaxing into the whole experience.

This short video gives you keys so you know what to look out for while doing your practice.


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Members' comments:


29 May, 2016
VickiShaw's picture
Great advice and tips. Thank you :)
27 Sep, 2014
jules439's picture
Great tips many thanks
22 Nov, 2009
test OG's picture
test OG
Thanks much! :)
25 Aug, 2013
stefine's picture
thank for tips
2 Jul, 2013
narayan.nsw's picture
Interesting& informative
8 Jun, 2013
reynoly's picture
Thank you for the tips tweedle dum and tweddle dee
29 May, 2013
dreamr1608's picture
Great tips ladies! Thanks!
18 Apr, 2013
debbe's picture
Like the style, thanks for the tips - better safe than sorry!
14 Mar, 2013
jayneholistic's picture
thanks for reminders - like your style!
7 Mar, 2013
joanaluz's picture
Got it! Thank you!
26 Jan, 2013
jujulipz's picture
the sound was fine on my notebook, and safety video was great. just like when you fly, all about keeping ourselves safe, and practising yoga responsibly and fully informed. Thanks. this is my first time, so im excited!!
6 Jan, 2013
travelscorpio's picture
Will not play on my I pad ? Any advice gratefully received.
6 Jan, 2013
mep493's picture
Good idea to offer this advice at the beginning, thank you.
4 Jan, 2013
Anne.rainsberry's picture
5 Dec, 2012
heather.oxley's picture
Have been meaning to join up for a long time at last I have done it.Its lovely to feel connected again.Thank you x
7 Nov, 2012
anita.howard's picture
Very useful advice, thank you.
3 Nov, 2012
dee.whitmore's picture
Great info, thanks
1 Nov, 2012
BarbaraGrosvenor's picture
Thank you for useful advice
9 Oct, 2012
michele.reyns's picture
thanks for the good advice !
4 Jun, 2012
Joanne's picture
Great information to know.
29 Feb, 2012's picture
Very warm and personal, thank you.
28 Feb, 2012's picture
Really helpful with great advice and a lovely happy light feeling to it. Many thanks to you both.
9 Oct, 2011
vivien's picture
Important information provided. Thank you.
9 Jun, 2011
dpb759's picture
very good video covered improtant points, may benefit from either an auto q or promt cards to help the message flow better. Liked the display of accessories to help with yoga, Could improve that with showing how the accessorie is used. :)
27 May, 2011
jo_jobakka's picture
Good advice.I shall bear these points in mind.Thank-you
11 May, 2011
Colette Noke's picture
Colette Noke
Great information that is always to hand
10 May, 2011
Mary Russell's picture
Mary Russell
I,m a trainee teacher I found this really good for points to remember when I do start teaching
21 Apr, 2011
Kim Wood's picture
Kim Wood
Very informative. If I get pain I have to go back and recapture some of the information given. Thanks!
19 Jul, 2010
Angela Clifford's picture
Angela Clifford
Thank you - I really appreciate these alerts - another strong indication of the care you are giving us.
26 Jan, 2010
susan's picture
Hi! I appreciated the advice. Cannot wait to get started. Thank you for your playful seriousness. I have been away from Yoga for a long time and am just coming back... I needed the cautions.
22 Nov, 2009
bcolway's picture
Thanks much! :)

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