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Sleep Well Meditation

10 mins

This meditation is designed to give you a great night's sleep. After a hard day at work or if jet lagged, prepare to be nurtured and relaxed.

You can even sit up in bed just before you lie down to sleep, how good is that!!

Rest, relax, let go of any worries and feel gratitude and acceptance for this day. Good night ….


Meditation class contents


Jane introduces the meditation and guides you into a comfortable sitting position.


The method for this meditation is simple yet has profound effects. 1. Breathe in a sense of gratitude and acceptance of the day. 2. As you breathe out let go of the things that weren’t helpful during the day. 3. Become aware of the peace filling your heart and mind. 4. Feel the urge for Zzzzzz’s arising.

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Members' comments:


21 Aug, 2014's picture
Lovely. I had a good sleep and very vivid dreams. I got up 30 mins before the kids and managed a mudra sequence with Anne. Feeling fab, thank you x
14 Aug, 2014
laughmountain2's picture
Thanks Jane, I got off to sleep really quickly after this video, something I have been struggling to do since starting Tamoxifen following breast cancer, Angela :)
12 May, 2014
Jane Clapham's picture
Jane Clapham
I hope everyone's enjoying this video - has anyone found that they have better sleep afterwards? Love, Jane x

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