Keith Squires

Keith Squires

Herbalist and nutrition expert

Executive chef at the Dru Centre in Snowdonia in North Wales and author of forthcoming cook book 'Cooking with Love' Keith devises and oversees the culinary...


22 mins

Join Keith Squires for this great short session on energy boosting smoothies. 

Enjoy the amazing benefits from integrating smoothies into your daily meal plan and discover how much energy you can gain from mixing vegetables and other nutritious foods. 

Some of the superfoods which you will use today are:

Chia seeds - great for hydrating, soothing for digestions and contain omega oils.
Goji berries - high in antioxidants.
Macca powder - gives you strength, helps you produce the hormones your body needs.
Linseed oils - gives you essential fatty acid.
Aloe Vera - soothing and alkalising.
Barely grass powder - full of chlorophyll, alkalising and full of vitamins and minerals.
and many more...


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Members' comments:


13 Jun, 2016
dominique's picture
I sure am gonna try those four delicious looking smoothies, thank you Keith !!!
12 Jun, 2016's picture
Thanks for the ideas and information Keith. Great to see you on here! Like Anne above, my smoothie making has lapsed so you've inspired me to try some new ideas. Is there any significance to keeping the colour red, yellow or green or is it for aesthetics? Thanks. Naomi.
10 Jun, 2016
AnneSmale's picture
Thanks Keith, I've let my smoothie making lapse. This has got me in the right frame of mind again and is so informative. So helpful in the sometimes mysterious world of smoothie making. I'm adding the ingredients to my shopping list.

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