Coby Langford

Dru Yoga trainer, Osteopath and 'the face of Dru'

As a trained Osteopath and qualified Dru Yoga Instructor, Coby combines the two practices to provide a unique holistic approach to controlling back pain. With...

Strengthen and Tone 3

59 mins

This dynamic programme includes the Dru power sun salute. It is designed to especially stregthen the arms and any bat wings! Enjoy a effective energy boost and tone up at the same time!

Prepare to strengthen the body especially the arms this time. The activation will free the spine and work the upper body. Energy Block Release 2 is designed to add greater toning power through deeper stretches and holding poses a little longer. The sun salute has an added dimension of a dynamic dog- plank combination. Watch those arms find new muscles! The relaxation will provide a perfect parnertship, relaxing mind and body.

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9 Jul, 2017
GabrieleClark's picture
As a beginner, I really liked seeing the modifications along side of the full extension of the exercise sequences. The visual certainly makes it easier to choose between the two options. Many thanks (-:

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