Coby Langford

Dru Yoga trainer, Osteopath and 'the face of Dru'

As a trained Osteopath and qualified Dru Yoga Instructor, Coby combines the two practices to provide a unique holistic approach to controlling back pain. With...

Strengthen & Tone Series: Class 1

70 mins

Thighs and buttocks prepare to be toned and worked!

The activations, will warm and relax the muscles, includes the twist (our favourite!) side stretches, arm swings skiing and side lunges. Energy Block Release 2 will stretch all major muscle groups allowing a greater toning to take place in what follows. Body preps include using a sash/chair to stretch the thighs. Gluteal preps 1 and 2 prepare the buttocks. Now prepare for Warrior 1, 2 and 3. Specific toning for the gluteus muscles prepares you for the Warrior Sequence (Virabhadrasana) which combines Warrior 1,2 and 3.

The Flowing Cat – Tiger (Marjariasana / Vyaghrasana) sequence will leave you toned and energised!

Finally, relaxation provides a perfect completion.


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Members' comments:


24 Sep, 2017
Liz Waddington's picture
Liz Waddington
was looking for some glutes body preps & found this!! I decided to have it as my practice today. Ah SO LOVELY to revisit warriors Thank you very much Indebted to all my lovely teachers xx
14 Nov, 2010
Stella Kojakovic's picture
Stella Kojakovic
It is great to DRU with you both in my living room! I find the whole series immensely helpful, thank you so much. Unfortunately this particular video stops playing after 2+ minutes. Stella.
23 Sep, 2010
bcolway's picture
Thank you very much. Lovely Beth
10 Sep, 2010's picture
I normall do iyengar yoga, though have done 'dru' with my tai chi teacher in the past. I enjoyed this quite a lot. Is the long relaxation at the end necessary or could it be shorter?

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