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Strengthen & Tone Series: Class 2

55 mins

Prepare for a great work out to delight the tums and the bums.

Warm the body with twisting, stretching calves, step and reach, lunge and sink, windmill and hug.

Energy Block 3 will provide a gentle stretch and open breathing. The Abdominal Toning Sequence will stretch and tone those ‘special bits’ that we all love to flatten – but prepare to work for it! The raised Bridge (Setubhandasana) will strengthen the buttocks as does the Cobra (Bhujangasana), working up into the back. This sequence completes with the Makarasana (Crocodile). 

The Cat-Tiger (Marjariasana / Vyaghrasana) Sequence – prepare for action in a powerful combination of abdominal crunching – stretching into the Dog (Adhomukha Svanasana) which moves into a deep buttock and lower back toner with the Swan. The good news is that there are modifications to ensure you can all enjoy at your own unique pace and level.

Relaxation will be a welcome friend!  Ahhh I hear you say as you lie down to Relax!


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Members' comments:


21 Sep, 2010
fb152152's picture
very nice variation for abdominal exercises from gentle to strong exercises. Forgot for a moment about EBR3 but it's such a great chest opener.
14 Sep, 2010
yoga2's picture
Absolutely wonderful!
10 Dec, 2009
lucy's picture
Liked the strong sun salute!!

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