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strengthening body preps with angela baker

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strengthening body preps

 -   & 
Roos Kocken
12 mins

We often think of body preps as stretches, however, sometimes we need to strengthen our muscles to prepare for our asanas.

In this short session Angela will guide us through 4 main muscle strengthening exercises for the abdomen, gluteals, trapezius and the iliopsoas. These exercises will help develop your strength and stamina and re-address your muscle balance. Practice this class regularly and you'll enhance your posture alignment - both on and off the mat!

  1. Abdominal strengthening
    The transversus abdominus and other lower abdominal muscles are crucial for supporting us in standing balance postures as well as in asanas such as the boat and plank. These two stages repeated regularly will build up your muscle strength.
  2. Iliopsoas strengthening
    Do you need to strengthen your iliopsoas? If you find it hard to raise you leg off the floor and hold - you might need to do this exercise regularly. Perfect to help you hold your leg suspended in postures such as the Tree.
  3. Gluteal strengthening
    Standing on one leg in the Lord of the Dance or Tree pose we need strength in the gluteals, especially glute medius of the standing leg. Remember to keep the thighs and calves at 90 degrees to each other and the shin parallel to the floor to get the best muscle tone.
  4. Trapezius strengthening
    Too much time on computers and driving can cause the shoulders to round forward. This exercise strengthens the trapezius between the shoulder blades. Roll the shoulders back and then downward towards your feet. 


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Members' comments:

16 Sep, 2021
JuliaS's picture
These are great Angela revisiting these preps. Just what I need.
1 Jan, 2021
alison.wyse's picture
perfect 'bite-sized' outline of these preps. Everything is here - demo, complete instructions and benefits. Ideal!
24 Feb, 2020's picture
Great compact session , my body needs this!


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