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Swadyaya - self-study

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Swadyaya - Self-study

7 mins

Study - it can either remind you of hours stuck in a musty library or it can be a whole world of discovery, exploration and curiosity!


Have you ever thought,  "I wish I'd done that better..." or, "I would like to respond differently when..." Self study is about becoming AWARE of yourself, your responses and your interactions with others. Only with awareness can we see what we would like to change about ourselves so that we can grow, change and evolve into a 'better' person (whatever that means for you).

In this short class with Chandra, we discover and uncover self-study or Swadyaya in depth. Swadyaya is one of the Niyamas in Patanjali's yoga sutras, which Chandra mentions in her previous video; the 8 limbs of yoga. For these next couple of weeks try to become more aware of yourself, your thoughts and actions and pinpoint something you'd like to change. Then - we get to work!



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Members' comments:

22 Nov, 2017
Mona Fairholme's picture
Mona Fairholme
Thanks Chandra. This is great. Very simply explained for people who may have no awareness that they can make changes.
20 Nov, 2017
Maggie's picture
Thank you Chandra.....fascinating and such an exciting concept....... can’t wait to get started
19 Nov, 2017
info@yogatherapycheltenham.co.uk's picture
Excellent presentation - thank you Chandra.
19 Nov, 2017
MarilynHarper9161's picture
Chandra...how beautifully you gift us with this teaching! Namaste
18 Nov, 2017
Heather Whitlam's picture
Heather Whitlam
Thank you Chandra. Looking forward to getting to work.


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