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Talk on bhakti yoga and the tree of transformation

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Talk on bhakti yoga with the tree of transformation

81 mins

In this magical live recording Andrew explores the nature of bhakti yoga and the force of love.

Join one of Dru Yoga's international teachers, Andrew Wells, as he takes you through an hour long yoga philosophy discussion on the topic of Loving service (bhakti). Andrew also goes on to show how the tree of transformation sequence can connect us to our greatest source of love and power.  You may also like to view Nanna’s live recording, which gives a step by step guide to this sequence.

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Members' comments:

3 May, 2022
KathyC's picture
Thank you so much Andrew - the universe sent me these teachings (miraculously) on the very day that I needed to feel them to free up a very heavy heart xx
15 Sep, 2021
JuliaS's picture
Hi Andrew. I really enjoyed this session. I sat colouring a Mandala while listening and had my peace Candle Burning.
22 Jan, 2021
juliehooper28's picture
Thank you Andrew. Your words always point me and guide me towards that great Love. I needed to hear these words today to remind me of all the lessons I have learnt and to keep a watchful awareness of the evidence that yes -I am loved. I am surrounded by that love and I can be a channel to give this into the sea around me. Xxxx
21 Jan, 2021
paleo's picture
Andrew, thank you this is amazing and such an eye opener. Best wishes Sylvia


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