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The Art of Meditation Series: Class 2

19 mins

In class 2 of this series, Chris leads you through a process of acceptance.

Discover an amazing still point inside yourself, where there are no distractions, and everything contributes to your peace and silence!

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Members' comments:

27 Jul, 2022
Joannaca6's picture
This is great and refers to a third class in the series, but I can’t find it - please can you advise me? Many thanks, Joanna
15 May, 2020
dwilson163's picture
Really enjoyed this today. Thank you
25 Jun, 2017
AnitaW's picture
Thank you so much Chris; I feel as though I am, at last, making some progress with my practice. Breaking the process down to simple parts makes it so much more achievable and understandable. Namaste
9 Mar, 2017
Joannaca6's picture
Thank you very much for this Chris; I love the sound of your voice. I also agree with the comment about the music at the end of Class 2 and wonder where Class 3 can be found?
3 Jun, 2015
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
#hohobird Thanks for your suggestion - we'll definitely explore having quieter music at the end of classes from now on.
29 May, 2015
hohobird's picture
I love this series - very helpful, but really find the music at the very end very ill-judged and inappropriate to the 'calm' created.
6 Jan, 2015's picture
Thank you Chris. That was wonderful.
20 Jul, 2014's picture
That meditation softened my thoughts & resistance to things that happen to us on a daily basis & they always will. it is always how we see and deal with them that is so important for us to recognise. i am needing this knowledge right now, again thanks, a blessing.
21 Jun, 2014
Joseph A's picture
Joseph A
Awesome! I do believe that may have helped to crack my major bug in meditation... resistance and trying to discipline myself. And another thing occurred to me as i was listening to the concept of accepting the present moment... i realised how i resist so much in day to day life and create stress for myself. I think I'll be putting these tools into my daily life and make life my meditation. Thank you. Really pleased i took the time to watch this tonight. :)
2 Oct, 2012
Laura Peppiatt's picture
Laura Peppiatt
Hi Chris,thank you. I have been doing your classes for a while... It seems I am gettig closer ... where is the third class? kind regards Laura
2 Jun, 2012
linda.faulkner's picture
These are really good & informative. Love them but where has meditation 3 for the heart gone? It was going to be available on the 1st of June
21 May, 2012
fb152152's picture
Very clear instructions calming my mind. No idea why I forgot there is such a beautifull tool as meditation but it looks like I fall in love with it again. Thanks Chris


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