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The Durga mantra with Petra

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The Durga mantra

6 mins

Durga is a popular female archetype in the Indian tradition. She is depicted as a goddess who has two main aspects - she is the all protective mother who provides support and shelter from the storms of life, and she can also be depicted as a dynamic, ferocious protector, who you really don't want to mess with! 

Use this mantra to evoke the power within you of the protective mother and to feel motivated and passionate about your life.

You don't need to have any particular faith or understanding of the words in order to enjoy singing this mantra. As long as you fill out your lungs and enjoy making a sound, you will be sure to benefit :-) 

So, go on, dare yourself, close the door (or leave it open for the neighbours to enjoy)... and get singing!

The mantra in this class:

om dum durgaye namaha (om-dum-dur-guy-yey-na-ma-ha)

Om is a powerful word that is heard a lot in mantra. It contains a vibrational power that can be linked to the bible when it says 'in the beginning was the word'. Om is said to carry the power of the universe in its essence, also known as pranav, or the “monarch of mantras”,because it eminates from 'prana' (essential energy) that initiates all movement in life.

dum - is a 'seed sound' or bij mantra that initiates and motivates us to act

durgaye - the personality of  the goddess Durga.

namaha - in praise of

Dru Sound and Mantra

As part of the Dru Sound course, we share a number of easy to follow songs or 'bhajans' and mantras that are based on the ancient tradition of singing taken from the Indian tradition.

What is mantra?

Manta is an age old method of focusing the mind and thoughts through sounding specific sounds. The vibrations of mantras have been designed by musical and spiritual mentors for thousands of years with the aim of both calming and focussing the individual as well as bringing large groups of people together. When we choose to enunciate strong and powerful words, over and over again - they are sure to have an impact on how we feel.  


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Members' comments:

5 Jun, 2020
joyousjulie's picture
Really enjoyed this session this evening. Just perfect for me. Thank you Petra
15 Mar, 2020
Margaret Ford's picture
Margaret Ford
Thanks Petra so beautiful to listen to the mantras you chant, It is wonderful to have the words to join in and also explaining the meaning of the mantra.
10 Jan, 2019
Jennikirkwood's picture
On this grey damp afternoon my spirits were low and I came across your mantra video and it has so beautifully lifted those heavy doubts - thank you Petra! X
15 Nov, 2018
CarolineD's picture
Thanks Petra x
13 Nov, 2018
JuliaW's picture
Just what I needed today. Thank you so much Petra. So powerful.


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