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The Gayatri mantra

15 mins

The Gayatri mantra is a very powerful and ancient mantra from the Rig Veda. It brings a wonderful feeling of light to every part of ourselves and into the environment around us. In fact the translation of the Gayatri mantra doesn't just invite the light of the sun, it also very clearly asks for the clarity of mind or conscious illumination of our thoughts.

When our thoughts are filled with light - they become much more positive and empowering - changing our internal dialogue to become more uplifting. We are more likely to see the best in others and respond accordingly with non-judgement and compassion.

The Gayatri has been used for many thousands of years by millions of people. It's almost like a web of sound vibration, which we can tap into through using these sacred syllables. 

In ancient Indian mythology Gayatri is also depicted as a goddess. She is said to the the rays upon which the sunlight is able to radiate outwards into the universe - and therefore she essentially 'delivers' that light to us. Like the sun she shines her light on all equally - and yet we also need to consciously invite that light in to ourselves to get the maximum benefit.

The words of the Gayatri mantra:

om bhuh buvaha svaha
tat savitur varenyam 
bhargo  devasya dheema hi
dhiyo yo na prachodayat

bhu buvah svaha = earth (physical & manifest realm), sky (life force & mental realm) and heavens (spiritual realm)
tat savitur = that divine sun (source of all life)
varenyam = adore
bhargo = illumination, effulgence (divine light)
devasya = divine grace
dheemahi = we contemplate
dhiyo = intellect
yo = may this light
na = our
prachodayat = illumine and inspire us


We contemplate on the adorable quality of the sun, the earth, the sky and heavens, that we may be absorbed in their great light and energy. Please stimulate and inspire our power of spiritual perception and lead us in the way of the great ones to do great and noble deeds.

In this session:
In this session Petra will sing this chant this mantra 24 times. Listen for a few rounds to become familiar to the sound then simply join in. Practice this mantra regularly to bring light and positive energy into everything that you do. It is particularly useful during the autumn and winter months as the natural daylight hours decrease and we spend less time out doors. Using this mantra whilst sitting with a lit candle or open fire on a winter evening can drastically improve your mood!

What is mantra?
Manta is an age old method of singing that has been designed by musical and spiritual mentors thousands of years ago with the aim of bringing large groups of people together to sing. When we choose to enunciate with strong and powerful words, over and over again - they are sure to have an impact on how we feel. So choosing to sing this four lined mantra will help make a change to how you feel today. 

Why sing this mantra?
You don't need to have any particular faith or feel that you need to understand the exact meaning of the words in order to enjoy singing mantra. As long as you fill out your lungs and enjoy making a sound you will be sure to benefit. Singing along to any tune you love is always beneficial and joining in here as Petra leads is no different.
So, go on , dare yourself, close the door (or leave it open for the neighbours to enjoy)... and get singing!

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Members' comments:

6 Sep, 2022
JosephineP's picture
Hello and thank you
11 Aug, 2020
Margaret Ford's picture
Margaret Ford
Thank you Petra. Your voice is beautiful, enjoyed chanting with you. Namaste.xx
30 Jun, 2020
joyousjulie's picture
Petra, so beautiful to chant with you today. Just lovely. I'm full of smiles.xx
2 Feb, 2019
Elisabeth M's picture
Elisabeth M
Thankyou Petra.So focussed on the subtleties of the chant. Thankyou DruOnline.
25 Jan, 2019
Marion1936's picture
Petra, thank you - PURE Devotion
20 Nov, 2018
Jaspeen's picture
love this version thank you
19 Nov, 2018
MarieS's picture
This is very beautiful and I have started daily practise. Can you please let me know what you chant at the very end.Thsnk you


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