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Gita empowerment

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The Gita for empowered living

13 mins

Whether you consider yourself a singer or not, join in with Jane as she explores modern melodies for the Sanskrit verses of chapter 7 of the Gita. 

Welcome to this session which is dedicated to helping you feel more empowered.
The aim of each session is, like a good meal, to 'feed' and nourish you with the taste of these pure ancient words.  When you hear the words - directly spoken by a Teacher from the distant past, listen carefully. They have healing potential in them.  When you sing them, you inherit the inherent light that is in each word and you become a part of that splendour!

Verse 10 translation:

Know Me, O Arjuna, as the eternal seed of all beings; I am the intelligence of the intelligent; the splendour of the splendid objects am I!

Jane will sing the words and then invite you to join in.

Verse 10 Sanskrit:
Beejam maam sarvabhootaanaam, viddhi paartha sanaatanam;
Buddhir buddhi mataam-asmi, tejas tejas vinaam-aham.

Beejam maam sarvabhootaanaam - repeat
Viddhi paartha sanaatanam - repeat
Buddhir buddhi mataam-asmi - repeat
Tejas tejas vinaam-aham - repeat

To conclude, Jane invites you to close your eyes and meditate on the sparkle of your own inherent light. Feel yourself becoming more settled and balanced, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Imbibe your mind with the affirmation: ‘I am the tree of wisdom. My roots are deep, my light is splendid’.
We shall finish this session with the three sounds of OM, followed by the three most potent words of the Gita: Om Tat Sat which denotes our aspiration to uphold the truth (sat) and the divinity within each of us.

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Members' comments:

26 Sep, 2017
JosephineP's picture
Thank you..for this love love class. So special. Thank you.
23 Sep, 2017
Jo's picture
Wow, simply breathtaking. Thank you Radhika xx
21 Sep, 2017
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
Thank you everyone for your comments on this class. Jane has a wonderful feeling for the beauty of sacred sound - I get tears in my eyes when I hear her voice - she can touch something deep inside :-) Check out her other sessions from this series - and more will be coming soon.
16 Sep, 2017's picture
That was truly special. Thank you Radhika. My heart is singing and smiling!
20 Aug, 2017
Susan Cheese's picture
Susan Cheese
Beautiful! Thank you so much xxxx
19 Aug, 2017
JuliaW's picture
This was so powerful. I cried, so unexpectedly, from somewhere deep inside.Thank you
19 Aug, 2017
Heather Whitlam's picture
Heather Whitlam
Felt so tired this evening after my son getting married yesterday and I sat and listened and joined in with you and it has brought me a feeling of peace and rest. Thank you so much.
19 Aug, 2017's picture
Thank you. Blissful experience
19 Aug, 2017
DrukeNL's picture
Beautiful! Thank you so much Radhika! Xxx Truke
17 Aug, 2017
els van venrooy's picture
els van venrooy
WONDERFUL.Really.Straight to the heart. Beyond words.Thank you,Jane Radhika! - Els and Paul.


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