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Lalita mudra class

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The Power of Mudras

15 mins

From the moment we wake up to the moment we rest our head on the pillow we may have used as many as 100 mudras and we are not even aware of it!

So what are mudras? In the world of yoga and psychic anatomy a mudra is interpreted to mean a gesture or ‘seal’. They can involve the whole body, but more often mudras are used as hand gestures that are said to help us direct our energy in a specific way. They can also help to amplify your energetic potential for change, especially when we include a conscious intension. 

Mudras are exciting and easy to include in our busy lives. You don’t need to go to a gym and you don’t even need to get your yoga gear on to use them! They really are just so convenient!

In this short introductory session Lalita Doerstel, one of our senior Dru Yoga trainers, shares a few of her favourite mudras. Try them out and see how they help balance your energy levels throughout your day. 

This class includes:

  • An introduction to mudras
  • The hands and the 5 elements
  1. thumb - fire 
  2. index finger - air
  3. middle finger - akasha / ether 
  4. ring finger - earth 
  5. little finger - water

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Members' comments:

13 Oct, 2023
JuliaS's picture
Excellent Wisdom. Thanks and God Bless.
26 Apr, 2021
Alison Hayward's picture
Alison Hayward
Thank you Lalita, this is a really interesting and useful talk and very well explained. Thank you. :)
2 Apr, 2019
acceptanceyoga's picture
Wow how cool, thankyou. So are you saying if Vata is high, place thumb over second finger to reduce it, and likewise for other dosha imbalances with other fingers.
5 Feb, 2019
Carol Swindell's picture
Carol Swindell
Thank you Lalita. Very interesting talk on Mudras. Shall experiment with them.


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