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Windmill breath

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The Windmill Breath

1 mins

The Windmill Breath is an 'EBR' pranayama technique which is excellent for expanding the lung capacity and helping us to prepare for pranayama techniques. It is also a great thing to do to ground and center your body and mind as well as calm your breath rate.

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Members' comments:

28 Jul, 2021
JeanP's picture
Awesome I love this
16 Dec, 2018
Maythornuk's picture
I've started doing this every morning. I find it both calming and energizing! However, as my lung campaign's improved I've begun to find it a bit speedy for me.
10 Jun, 2018
Jaspeen's picture
thanks Annouska -
11 May, 2018
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
Hi Jaspeen - thanks for your question. In Dru we refer to some of our sequences as EBR or Energy Block Release Sequences. This particular one is perfect as preparation for breath work. Check out Annie's video here to explore EBRs more:
9 May, 2018
Jaspeen's picture
hi lovely sequence but ...what is EBR ?
21 Oct, 2017's picture
Love This Easy Breath


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