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TOGA - Radha Patel

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TOGA - all body HIIT workout

16 mins

High Intensity Interval Training (or HIIT) has many fitness benefits helping us to strengthen, tone and burn calories. In this short session with Radha, we combine some common HIIT exercises with resting yoga poses as a way to stretch out and pause between bursts of high activity.

If you’re wanting to develop more physical fitness - this is a great way to start!

Remember - HIIT workouts are fitness based and focused on your physical body - so your main focus will be on ensuring your form is correct so you can perform these movements safely.

This class is perfect as a whole body warm up - especially if you’re intending to go on to a strong yoga practice, a bike ride, running or other exercise. Practise this class regularly as a way to build stamina, lose weight and tone up.    

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