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TOGA for vibrant energy

43 mins

A grounding and energising class that will help counter-act some of our negative postural habits created by too much computer work, driving and texting. By opening the upper chest and lungs we also open the heart centre and become more aware of the world around us.

This is a dynamic class designed to mobilise the back, neck and shoulders as well as get the blood and lymph flowing. The postures and sequences in this class also help to improve communication, empathy and our ability to connect with others.

The class includes:

  • Activation sequence including Cobra, Plank, Dog and Forward Bend
  • A dynamic version of Energy Block Release 2.
  • Spiral lying twist
  • Relaxation
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Members' comments:

14 May, 2023
jojo62's picture
Feeling really energised yet relaxed at the same time! Great class , thank you .
9 Apr, 2023
JuliaS's picture
Fabulous Class ... Easter Morning. Now more Focused..
8 Apr, 2023
SarahN's picture
Just what I needed, thank you ....


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