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TOGA class Hip-hop wuth Radha Patel

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TOGA Hip-hop

11 mins

Welcome to this class on hip hop (without too much hopping) with Radha, the Founder of TOGA.

So are you ready to do some great stretches and holds? Hope you have strong triceps and biceps for this one - if you don't... you soon will! 

This class is a fantastic way to strengthen and tone your core, gluts, arms, hips and back. It's strong and powerful so please do take it easy - and if you need to, please put you knee(s) on the floor to take pressure off abs and arms when needed. There's a great mix of yoga based stretches and gym based High Intensity Training to help you get the most out of this 10 min work out.

This class will include the following:

  • Standing twists to activate the spine
  • Standing stretch to plank
  • Dynamic plank with hold 
  • Plank with leg extensions
  • Dog
  • Spider-man plank (leg extends to the sides) with hold in fore-arm plank
  • Cobra (yeh, take a breath here!)
  • Bunny hop (o.k. so there is a bit of hopping after all!)

We'll then repeat the main part of the routine to strengthen all those great muscle groups and get the blood pumping. Take a few minutes to complete this class by relaxing in the Crocodile. Once you've got the hang of it you can use this routine within your yoga practice to add dynamism and strength training.

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