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Tone Up for Summer Series: Class 3

43 mins

Toning up for summer has never felt so good!

Enjoy a strong class of triangles, bhimas, dogs and tigers. Combine these postures together into the flowing Dru Vitality Sequence - designed to strengthen, tone, sculpt and leave you feeling fantastic!

Stretch out safely with specific body preps and then tone up for a fabulously healthy body - ready for summer!


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Members' comments:

18 Nov, 2018's picture
I feel like new!!! Great relaxation too. Thank you. It was lovely to do a class with you again, Coby.
12 Oct, 2016
JaciS's picture
Thanks Coby for this wonderful class. Just what I needed to energise and relax, a wonderful combination for deep Autumn as well as prep for summer.
12 Oct, 2016
JaciS's picture
Thank you Coby, great class, suitable for revitalising as we head well into Autumn too... fun activations, lots of stretching, lovely pace, wonderful relaxation - just what I needed! Feel both relaxed and energised, a fabulous combination.
3 Sep, 2014
Suzanne's picture
Thank you Coby, just what I was looking for to tone up for my summer holiday! Perfect!


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