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Total Body Workout

5 mins

This is a 5 minute activation session taken from Dru Yoga's Total Body Workout DVD.

This DVD will remove your stress, trim your weight and leave you feeling on top of the world! Filmed on Australia's glorious New South Wales coast, this hour long DVD takes you through a Dru Yoga class specifically designed to regulate your metabolism, give you an aerobic workout, clear your stress and create deep relaxation.

As seen on Sky TV, Body in Balance.

Make sure you view the special bonus animation on core stability - one of the best introductions to core stability and how to keep your back in excellent health.

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Members' comments:

12 Nov, 2012
veronica.evans's picture
lovely as always, not done the exercises for a while wil get back into it now wonderful video thank you all x
9 Dec, 2010
marianfoat's picture
The final piece for the relaxation - beautiful. Thank you.
8 Dec, 2010
nadia dickie's picture
nadia dickie
I'm luvvin' it!! Beautiful, clear and sooo much easier to wind back if you miss something and wind forward it you want to get to the relaxation sooner! ha. It really is lovely. Well done guys! Xxx
6 Dec, 2010
Joanne's picture
This is a beautiful video from beginning to end, thank you Krishna and Coby and the whole team. x x
6 Dec, 2010
Joanne's picture
Hi Coby, how are you?, thank you for the voucher!Am looking forward to this class,hope to see you soon x x
5 Dec, 2010
Gabriella Ritchie's picture
Gabriella Ritchie
Hi thanks for the voucher and the free week of yoga classes can you let me know where the music from the relaxation is from thanks.
5 Dec, 2010's picture
Just watched this before trying it out.Core stbility exercises are something I will try more often. Lovely to see and hear the sea/waves on what is a very cold day.
3 Dec, 2010
marianfoat's picture
Wow that was truly amazing just what I needed on a very cold snowy day. Thank you. Could you let me know what music you used please.
2 Dec, 2010
art4the's picture
Inspirational especially for trainee yoga teachers. Such a wealth of info and language to use in classes.


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