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Transforming emotions

45 mins

Discover all about "signature emotions", how to recognise them and what you can do to transform them to your advantage. Andrew explores how emotions such as anger, fear, and grief can affect our health and well-being on a long-term basis if not addressed regularly.

Create a new emotional landscape that strengthens and empowers who you are and helps you re-design your future.

Learn about telomeres, tail-like processes attached to the end of our chromosomes. Learn how stress affects them and our aging process and how we respond to stress.

Explore how to get into the "flow state" with a specific 4-stage spinal breathing and visualisation technique that activates certain trigger points.

Discover how our genome can be influenced by yoga and meditation to enhance our emotional health.

As we master our emotions, we learn how to be in the driving seat of life. Our decision-making process is made so much easier. Ultimately, it is the decisions we make that guide our future moment by moment.

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Members' comments:

17 Jan, 2023
KayMarples's picture
Wow, thank you for this Andrew it is excellent information. I am so grateful for this this.
18 Jan, 2023
annie jones's picture
annie jones
Hi Kay, I am so glad that you enjoyed Andrews class. It has so many way of helping us transform our mind and how we address emotion. It is such a healing process to transform emotions in this way isn't it?


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