Mona Fairholme

Senior Dru Yoga teacher trainer

Mona is a senior tutor for Dru Yoga North in Leeds W, Yorkshire. She been has teaching Dru Yoga Classes for 14 years and teaching Dru Meditation for...

Tri Spinal Release - Freeing the Spine

50 mins

Tri – spinal release movements work on the shoulders, pelvis and spinal column to loosen all the joints and give you a whole body work out.

Open up and release tension from the shoulders, pelvis and spine with these great tri-spinal movements.

Essential for maintaining excellent health, the spine is the essence of everything Dru!

Movements range from twists, to forward and side flexion to backwards extensions. A great tool kit to keep your spine mobile and supple.


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Members' comments:


22 Jan, 2018
Sarawasti's picture
Thank you so much. I enjoy this class so much
28 Mar, 2016
Susan Martin's picture
Susan Martin
Wow Just found this video and cannot thank you enough for amazing spine awareness lesson ending in feeling like I'v had the best back massage! Wonderful x
1 Aug, 2015
florenceannie's picture
Brilliant - a really great set of movements for my back. Thank you so much Mona. From Ann in Augusta, the most southern point of Western Australia.
1 Aug, 2015
florenceannie's picture
Absolutely brilliant. Just what I needed - a really great set of movements for my back - thank you so much Mona. From Ann in Augusta - the very south west of Australia.
24 Feb, 2015
sandraleigh108's picture
I love this class and I will recommend it to my student's. Thank you Mona and team for a fabulous session.
5 Jan, 2015
joyousjulie's picture
Hi Mona it's a year so very I enjoyed your lovely teaching in Leeds. That was a beautiful set of movements working into the tri spinal release. I learnt a lot from your very clear explanations and this class will help me with my own teaching. Thank you xx
15 Jun, 2014's picture
I love this thanks Mona :)
8 Jun, 2014's picture
Will this class be converted for iPad :)
10 Sep, 2011
Shakti's picture
Such a luxury having my personal teacher at my place when ever I want!!! Thank you
23 Aug, 2011
Annette Paulich's picture
Annette Paulich
Thank you Mona, i like this work-out and the way you teach!
1 Aug, 2011
ada hanemaaijer's picture
ada hanemaaijer
i like this teacher very much, and this workout also, thank you
31 Jul, 2011
claarbos's picture
dear Fiona, thanks a lot! I got this present from Quirine, from you - I am very happy with it! have a wonderful day and follow up of these beautiful classes. with love from Claartje
26 Jun, 2011
bcolway's picture
That was marvelous! Thank you very much!!
10 Jun, 2011
Hilary Airey's picture
Hilary Airey
Thank you, Mona. This was lovely. It was great to have your teaching in my home! Great production also - good picture, good sound, easy to fast forward and great that I could see what was happening as I fast forwarded so I knew when to stop. I also like the way Dru Online is bringing us more specific subjects like this one, that before we have only seen in the workbooks. Thank you.
9 Jun, 2011
dpb759's picture
brilliant! It was great to watch and copy and put right where I go wrong. Like having a virtual teacher inthe room great! :) xx

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