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Vertical Alignment

6 mins

The Vertical Alignment is a hidden gem within the plethora of Dru techniques. It is a simple yet powerful visualisation to help you connect with the earth and sky and become a bridge between these two powerful energies. 

Consciously draw in and imbibe qualities such as calm, stability and strength from the earth and the qualities of freedom and spaciousness from the heavens.

With our energy constantly being dissipated through our outward giving (horizontal expression) it’s time to bring our energies within and connect again to our true nature.

Stage 1

From tadasana focus your awareness on a point under your feet. This is the Earth point. Using your in-breath draw your awareness up through the feet and up to your heart. The out-breath naturally draws your focus back down to the earth. Draw in the qualities of calmness, peace, stability, gratitude strength and patience. 

Stage 2

Focus on the sky point - a natural focus above the crown. With each in-breath see if you can invite the qualities of the sky to settle within you. These are; freedom, spaciousness, the power to manifest your dreams and a feeling of lightness. The out-breath sees your awareness lifting up to the sky point.

Stage 3
Joining these two stages together breathe from the Earth point up to the heart. Pause, and then allow your awareness to rise from the heart up to the Sky point. Then drawing the focus from the sky to heart and finally heart down the to earth. 

Repeat for several breaths, allowing a strong sense of connection and alignment to yourself, nature and the universe.

This fabulous session is taught by Paul Krystal, a brilliant Dru Yoga teacher who runs a fabulous hotel and yoga retreat centre in Watamu, Kenya. Holiday anyone?

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Members' comments:

1 Aug, 2021
Janetw's picture
Great explanation of how to do it and the benefits - thank you.
28 Jul, 2021
SarahN's picture
Fabulous the observation most of our actions are in forward/backward plane and this shifts things simple ..and powerful !
19 Jul, 2021
SylviaC's picture
Thanks for this little guide - you’ve languaged it so effectively :)
17 Jul, 2021's picture
Beautiful, clear guided instructions for the vertical alignment - thank you Paul and hope to see you again on the studio soon! Kath


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