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Vitality Sequence - class 1 with Angela Baker

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Vitality Sequence Class 1

50 mins

In this class Angela introduces us to a new take on the Vitality Sequence. Vitality in life means having enthusiasm for life, dynamism, getting out into the world with joy, power and strength. 

There will be 3 classes in this series which focus on toning and strengthening. 3 classes over 3 weeks can be turned into a 21 day challenge! Perfect for keeping your strength up!

Class 1: Warrior 2 & Bhima

Class 2: Arm & Core strengthening

Class 3: Bringing all the movements together for the sequence.

If you are not familiar with the Vitality Sequence, look on the online studio for the other classes on the sequence. This workshop series will take it up a step to the next level!

Make wise decisions, please modify the postures or if you need longer with the body preps, pause the video, work on the preps more and then continue. When we do the appropriate body preps, we can get so much more out the posture.

Class 1 includes:

  • Activations
  • EBR 1
  • Warrior 2 with Dynamic Body Preps
  • Bhima with Dynamic Body Preps
  • Short Relaxation

Your muscles will really feel this class, so, if you are not used to this type of session, we recommend that you do this class 4 days out of 7. Relaxation is so important for recover, take the time in between to find a long relaxation on the Online Studio - you deserve it!

Take a selfie now as you will look even more amazing at the end of the 21-day challenge! Look out for the Vitality Sequence Class 2… coming soon!

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Members' comments:

4 Feb, 2024
Gmyteaching18L's picture
Thanks Angela, i am taking the 21 day challenge on. Felt better through the hips straight away and feeling good today and its only day 2. Thanks for the inspiring class. Namaste. Gill
23 May, 2023
Julia-Dru Team's picture
Julia-Dru Team
Wonderful Angela, really enjoyed the session :-)
7 Apr, 2023
Gmyteaching18L's picture
Such a great class, full of strength and vitality, thank you Angela
13 Mar, 2023
Line's picture
Hey, what a lovely class! can anyone help me finding class 2 in this series? thank you very much; the link that was posted back in 2019 doesn't work . namasté, Line
13 Mar, 2023
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
Very strange how that disappeared! Thanks so much Line - I've put it back online for you here:
5 Mar, 2023
JuliaS's picture
Thanks Angela. Im going for the challenge. Jules
21 Sep, 2022
Rachel Hammond's picture
Rachel Hammond
Fabulous class. A good challenge - especially for the core muscles! Looking forward to the next class. Thank you Angela for your encouragement. xx
6 Apr, 2021
sandra.chevin121's picture
A lovely class - feeling strong and vital now :)
15 Mar, 2021
JosephineP's picture
Thanks lovely to see you teaching Angela. Great class.
29 Nov, 2020
Plumtart2's picture
I love Angela’s classes. As well as liking the more gentle nurturing classes, I also like to push myself physically sometimes and I love Angela’s style of teaching.
25 May, 2020
Evanst's picture
Thank you. I feel vital with an inner smile after this class.
11 Nov, 2019's picture
Thankyou love this class
14 Oct, 2019
DahnaM's picture
Love it! Love you!
28 Sep, 2019
Jo's picture
Thank you Angela, I am so happy to begin this series, hello abs. :) Helps bring confidence after a few weeks of feeling a bit odd. Xx
31 Aug, 2019's picture
Really loving this class, Angela! Thank you. I"m feeling stronger already and I"m only on day 3. Working on the hip adductors, glutes and code is really lifts my energy and releasing streets. I will definitely be completing the challenge.
18 Aug, 2019
Rosie Mead's picture
Rosie Mead
I'm on Day 3 and feeling so much better! Thanks!
11 Aug, 2019
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
Hi everyone class 2 is live here:
9 Aug, 2019's picture
Loving this class! It's really doing amazing things for my body in Bhima. What day does class 2 come on line?
7 Aug, 2019
lindah's picture
That class was really refreshing and invigorating. I’m up for the challenge. Looking forward to the next two classes. Great explanations of what muscles were being fired up and also the energetic benefits too. Thank you x
3 Aug, 2019's picture
Oh wow! Love this and feel totally inspired to join the 21 day vitality challenge! Thank you I feel full of renewed energy and vitality :-) x
2 Aug, 2019
Spring 22's picture
Spring 22
Loved that class. Just what I needed for a new beginning. Thank you.
1 Aug, 2019
Machteld's picture
I love this class! I feel really energetic afterwards.


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