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angela baker

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Vitality Sequence Class 2

45 mins

Welcome to Class 2 of the Vitality Sequence. Ready to move on to the next challenge? Remember to take it easy, take time with the body preps and make sure you have some rest days!

This class will focus on the upper arms and the glutes. It's strong and demanding but well worth sticking with it this week! This class also brings strength into your whole persona, creating peace, light, and spaciousness throughout.

If you want to increase the intensity of the glute exercises, try using weight bands on your ankles. Again, your muscles will really feel this class, so, if you are not used to this type of session, we recommend that you do this class 4 days out of 7. 

Class 2 includes:

  • Activations
  • EBR 1
  • Dynamic Body Preps including:
    • Cat
    • Tiger
    • Tricep Push up
    • Pigeon
  • Gate Posture
  • Short relaxation

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