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Wake up Meditation

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Wake up Meditation

7 mins

Start the day in a good mood with this short meditation with Jane Clapham.  Filmed in the beautiful Nant Ffrancon valley, this class includes simple stretches that you can practise even before you leave your bed! Jane then guides you through the Vertical Alignment breathing technique.

The Vertical Alignment breath

Learn to breathe in the strength and stability of the earth,  as you breathe in to the heart. Exhale and raise your awareness skywards. 

Hold for a second. Now as you inhale draw into your self the vastness of the sky above. Take it down to the heart, hold - and exhale down to the earth.

Repeat this earth to sky and sky to earth - breath a few times.

Feel centred and in harmony at the start of the day.  Now  you are sure to have  a beautiful day.

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Members' comments:

17 May, 2023
pauline__westwood's picture
Thank you. I really enjoyed that and it feels like a manageable meditation to do each morning.
26 Aug, 2019
kathrineparker1@me.com's picture
Nice one! I like this short version and do the John Jones one if I have more time. Thank you Jane x
7 Feb, 2017
cat's picture
Thank you Jane Wonderful stability and spaciousness
29 Jul, 2016
Jennikirkwood's picture
Thank you Jane. That was exactly what I needed today. Simple but so powerful. Jennix
23 May, 2016
campbellinglis@icloud.com's picture
Thanks.... Will try this after my 'afternoon naptime'
21 May, 2016
kathdru68's picture
What a lovely way to come to after waking up. thank you Jane.
21 May, 2016
KC's picture
Thank you. A beautiful simple meditation with amazing benefits. I feel wonderful!!!
20 May, 2016
sarahj.vernon@tiscali.co.uk's picture
Many thanks Jane Short and sweet but does the trick ! Hugs Sarah xxx


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