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Why do Activations?

2 mins

In Dru Yoga, we use activations for a number of reasons:

  • warm up and mobilise all the muscles of the body
  • prepare sets of muscles specific to a sequence or asana to help you move into the postures with ease
  • to give you time before your practice to bring the mind and body into balance
  • to have some fun!

Here are two activation sessions you may enjoy:

Total Body Workout activation session

Total Body Workout activation session - Coby Langford
This is a 5 minute activation session taken from Dru Yoga's Total Body Workout DVD. It's great if you just need something to get you going before you do your postures and sequences.

Warm up session for athletes

Yoga for Athletes: Warm Up - Coby Langford
Do not start training without doing this class first! This is a fantastic complete pre-training muscle and joint warm up for all sports, created by Coby Langford, yoga sports coach & Osteopath, to minimize injuries.

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