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Yoga for Athletes: Warm Up

29 mins

Do not start training without doing this class first! This is a fantastic complete pre-training muscle and joint warm up for all sports, created by Coby Langford, yoga sports coach & Osteopath, to minimize injuries.

This is a great 29 min programme, specifically designed for athletes to prepare the body for intense exercise. So whether you’re about to jog round the block, join in at the Olympics, or get out the racquets on the courts, this programme stretches all the main muscle groups, preparing you for a safe sporting experience!

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Members' comments:

31 May, 2021
Jo's picture
always come back to this one, thank you Coby xx
29 Aug, 2020
PamMc's picture
Great stretch I hope to benefit more when out for a jog. Thank you.
1 Sep, 2020
Padma McIntyre's picture
Padma McIntyre
Hi Pam Many thanks for your comment. Please do let us know your experience when you use the class before your next jog. We look forward to hearing about it. Padma
26 Oct, 2016
SylviaC's picture
great warm up thank you Coby - I especially love the little blooper out take at the very end!
15 Jul, 2014
Raisinloaf's picture
Lovely stretches,especially the spinal releases!
29 Jan, 2013
jujulipz's picture
choice thanks. dont play sports, but that was so good after sitting on my butt all day at trg
8 Aug, 2012
Rosie Mead's picture
Rosie Mead
A great start to the day!
7 Aug, 2012
Christine Emery's picture
Christine Emery
I thought this would not be for me - I'm no athlete. How wrong could I be? A brilliant workout! Thanks
6 Aug, 2012
Rhona Jack's picture
Rhona Jack
Thank you! Great workout,goes to show just how beneficial Yoga is to athletes, sportsmen or everyone. Makes me proud to be a student of Dru :)
4 Aug, 2012
sandra's picture
nice moves and a great 20 minute workout stretch. Thanks Coby! :)


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