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Yoga for Pregnancy: Class 2

33 mins

This is a great class for any mother-to-be to do at any part of your pregnancy.

It will ground the body, support the back and prepare the pelvis. Learn how to lie comfortably for relaxation and let go of all the tensions and worries you have and enjoy yourself!

Trish's years of experience in the specialist field will leave you feeling at ease with what lies ahead of you, feeling safe and nurtured. It's a very grounding session and will give strength to mind and body with lots of modifications so you're sure to enjoy it!

Learn to engage your pelivc floor and core stability muscles to help prepare for the birth and keep your mind active by balancing the right and left hemispheres of your brain with cross patterning.

The 'Figure of 8' movement will free your shoulders, arms, hips, knees and ankles allowing a free flow of energy and a release of any body tensions and tiredness. Release any back tension with the Standing Cat posture, before exploring the Dru Earth Salute (Prithvi Namaskara) which helps to create stability of your mind and emotions (very useful at this time with all those hormones swimming around!).

Finally we learn the Butterfly posture, to help open the pelvis, improve circulation to the reproductive area and help prepare you for the birth itself. Relax and connect deeply with your baby.

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