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Yoga in the Office Series: Class 1

47 mins

Throw off your high heels and get stretching at your desk.

'Yoga in the Office' is the perfect way to ensure that you get your yoga practice in every day!

Kick off your heels and enjoy simple, short movements to keep you energised and healthy. These are some great movements that you can do both standing and at the desk - and, if you dare, in the kitchen, by the lift and even when going to the toilet! Keep happy, healthy and alert all day long!


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Members' comments:

28 Apr, 2022
KayMarples's picture
A great variety of movements and excellent tips. I loved the tapping part and eye exercise. Thank you
30 Dec, 2018
JuliaS's picture
Thanku awesome sequence I can really use while at work. Feel Re energised.
17 Nov, 2017
wisey2000's picture
A very nice way to start the day
23 Oct, 2015
Kay Sutton's picture
Kay Sutton
Hello Nanna, thank you for a great session. I've been asked to do some desk yoga for a team at work and will incorporate some of your wonderful postures and tips into my session. I wish I could encourage my place of work to subsribe to Dru Yoga Online. Until, then I shall share through example and practice EBR1 at my desk! Thanks again. Kay
27 Jun, 2013
heath-cunningham's picture
this is really good and i like nana coppens. I have MS and yoga at home really suits me. As i manage MS by myself without drugs, yoga and swimming are important for being positive.thanks
23 May, 2013
Jo's picture
Thank you Nana, I shall be enjoying these movements in the office tomorrow :)
6 May, 2013
Rosie Mead's picture
Rosie Mead
Really super, Nana. Very useful stretches, feeling beautifully refreshed!


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