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Spiritual depth

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Yoga's Spiritual Depth

 -   & 
Anouschka Dack
98 mins

Let's just stop. And be. And rediscover who we are, who we are meant to be. 

And let's have an experience of the awesome, remarkable, powerful heritage of the spirituality of yoga and meditation.

Our yoga and/or meditation techniques have all the potential we need to tune into the part of us that's full, that's real, that's abundant. Of course, that's not easy, especially in times like these that we've never before lived through. 

Especially in times like these that we've never lived through before - we need our spiritual practice to take us to a state of deep rest, inside our fullness, to recharge and reignite our passion for life. 

In this extended masterclass, filmed live on Earth Day (April 22nd 2020) Andrew and Anouschka will introduce you to the mighty Energy Block Release 8, the sequence for the Radiant Heart. It creates an awesome transformation - you might almost say an explosion - of the field around your heart centre - qualities of nourishing, strengthening goodness.

In this session, you'll also hear Andrew's truly inspiring personal experience of his life-changing diagnosis and how he completely transformed his emotions through yoga and meditation.

We'll go on from there to explore how to call the energy of 1,000s of years of yoga/meditation practice to be with you when you practice your yoga or meditation session. And we'll show you how we recharge our batteries when the world around us is hard. And how we can embrace all the complex experiences of life with a sense of empowerment and connectedness that helps the people around you rediscover themselves, too. 

We're going to:

  • Explore the reality of your inner potential, the living experience of the fully connected you
  • Expand on your purpose and how to attract a life in which you express it fully
  • Activate your intuition so you make amazing decisions
  • Learn how to gain strength and support from the living field of the sea of consciousness

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Members' comments:

13 Sep, 2022
Rose Ann Smith's picture
Rose Ann Smith
Really enjoyed this. I have been doing this sequence with my classes in and off for years but I love it with that focus on breath and done at a slightly faster rate. Love your music during the sequence too. It is perfect. Can you tell me what it was? Thanks Anoushka. I really do enjoy your online classes.
13 Sep, 2021
JuliaS's picture
So Loved this today. Having compassion for myself is what I need right now after the Dog attack to my Right Hand.
16 Sep, 2020
DahnaM's picture
Oh wow... thank you Andrew and Anouschka! Just what I needed.
18 Sep, 2020
Padma McIntyre's picture
Padma McIntyre
Hi Dahna Many thanks for your comment. We are always so happy to hear about what works for our members. If you enjoyed this session you might also be interested to join our five day free meditation challenge starting on Monday 21st Sept.
7 Sep, 2020
Plumtart2's picture
Very inspirational. Thank you Andrew for sharing your personal journey I found it inspiring and very helpful. And the beautiful sequence demonstrated beautifully by Anoushka, just wonderful. Much food for thought, I am hoping to watch it many times. Thank you.
3 Sep, 2020
Margaret Ford's picture
Margaret Ford
Having watched this session again I am aware of so many beautiful gems it contains. Thank you Andrew and Anouschka for your deep love, wisom and knowledge. I am so grateful to all the Dru team for making this possible. Lots of love and light. Namaste.x


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