Welcome to the fascinating subject of Astrology!

with Sylvia Barrington

Throughout the year I will be bringing you tips on which sequences help to keep you balanced whilst we travel at lightning speed around our solar system. Astrology has been used as a predictive tool for thousands of years and both eastern and western astrology can help us to plan for times when things will expand and grow for us such as a new career and also help us when things seem to turn against us for example a bad spell of health. All can be helped with astrology.

Recently it has been speculated that there are two more earth size planets in the outer edges of our solar system, very exciting for cosmologists.  It reminds me of how human beings are on a majestic journey of discovery of this great universe we inhabit. More close to home is our own moon, this planetary body has a great influence on our minds and emotions. During the year it is useful to know what star sign the moon is sitting in when at its fullest and newest. So I will be bringing in ideas and tips of which practice may help at certain times of each month.

Here are the mercury retrogrades for 2017

The important dates for 2017, for when NOT to make those big decisions!

  • August 12 – September 5
  • December 3 – December 22


Understanding Vedic Astrology 

We have been looking at the moon over the last few months and its affects on our daily lives. So lets have a look during the next few months at the qualities of each of the planets and what they represent astrologically.  

Firstly let me explain the very basics of how we look at the planets in a Vedic chart.

In Vedic astrology planets can be beneficial, and strong or not so beneficial and weak. This is all to do with how the planets are placed in your chart and their interaction with each other.

Your chart is split into 12 sections known as houses and each of these houses represents an area of your life. So for example the first house in your chart would represent your Self, your personality, your health and how you are seen by others.  These 12 houses are ruled by one of the zodiac signs E.g. Aries, Taurus, Gemini and so on. Here is a table to help you understand the relationship between the planets and the signs.



























Introducing The Sun
Let us start with the Sun as this is our source of warmth and light at this time of the year in the northern hemisphere the sun within its own sign. The sun is revered throughout the ages and holds a special place within the chart as it represents our inner light.

The depiction of the sun as our source of life has been documented as far back as the ancient texts of India, in the Vedas it states that the sun does not revolve around the earth but around a galactic centre which is what we now know as the north star, it also states that both the earth and sun are spherical and that the universe itself is oblong!

  • The Sun called Lord Surya in India rides a chariot across the sky pulled by 7 horses, these horses are sometimes known to represent 7 different colours of sunlight shining down.
  • In Greek mythology Helios/Apollo also draws his chariot across the sky from east to west symbolising the day and night.
  • The Gayatri Mantra is a universal mantra that honours the importance of the sun as the giver of life on the earth.
  • The Sun rules Sunday, and sits in the Crown centre. 
  • The Sun owns the sign of Leo and is well placed when in the sign of Aries. 
  • The Sun represents physical health, bones and the heart.
  • The sun warms our bones and gives us vitality, but it is also about our self-confidence, strength of character and ability to inspire others.

Our Sun also represents inner light and creative intelligence, leadership, power and authority. Where it is placed in your chart will determine how well you are able to utilise the Sun’s qualities in your life. The Sun can be placed in your chart in such a way for it to cause too much heat in your body or mind.

Interestingly if you are born in the southern hemisphere, being born under the astrological sign of Leo makes you a winter baby. So for all our friends down in the southern hemisphere at this time of year the Sun Sequence is a wonderful practice. As the sun blazes in the northern hemisphere the golden eagle sequence would be a better option, if you know this sequence, at the start of the day to greet the warm rays of the sun. 

It is also very useful to lie in the sun when it is warm not too hot, but to allow the sun to nurture the skin is vital for our health. So take your yoga mat and ensuring the sun isn’t too hot go outside and practice your relaxation out in nature. Its so much more powerful than indoors. Unfortunately the UK has a lot of rain and this may not be an option, you can visualise the sun pouring those 7 different rays of light down on your body whilst you relax and absorb the light of the sun through the crown down to the feet.

Wherever the sun is placed in your chart a good yoga practice will help strengthen your bones and balance your fire energy. Sometimes however a more tailored programme really helps to balance the planetary influences. 


For a tailored programme you would be advised to have your own Vedic chart read. If you would like a general Vedic chart please do contact me on sylvia@druworldwide.com


Astrology for June 2017

The full moon in Sagittarius on June 9th brings a fiery energy and may even raise the level of anxiousness around you. It’s a big build up to this full moon and tensions may be high. As the full moon increases emotions and instincts, it is a time where your yoga practice can really make all the difference.

This is where the golden eagle sequence becomes your great friend. If you do not know this sequence then the four directions would also serve to help you see beyond the emotional sea around you. It is brilliant to be able to use your yoga and meditation to keep your energy high and dedicate your practice to calming the world around you. Sending love and peace out is the highest action to soothe your own soul.

Make strong choices with your practice this week and for the rest of this month, take your time to rise above reactions by ensuring you follow the path of moderation, sleep early enough, eat well and healthy, practice your relaxation. These choices will help not only you but also those around you.

Also on June 9th Jupiter ends its retrograde motion and turns direct. It is the perfect time to instigate those plans of eating well, and integrating learnt knowledge into our lives on a practical level.

The new moon in June falls in the zodiac sign of cancer a time for nurture, those of us who like to nurture others will feel this nurturing energy during the new moon. It would be a great day to hold a special summer solstice yoga nurturing day for yourself and others should you feel moved to do this, choose poses or sequences that really nurture people for example the earth sequence Also the standing forward bend or peace pose as it is sometimes called will change your focus quite quickly.

This new moon has the influence of Mercury so it is also a great time to learn or teach something nurturing and comforting.

The world may feel very unstable to you at the moment, it is important to use your yoga skills to create personal peace and allow yourself time to meditate on that one light within that connects us all together.

Astrology for May 2017

The Full Moon in Scorpio on May 10 emotions will be at their peak around this time, great if you need that little bit of extra intuition to decide upon something. One thing that is important at this time is to Trust your intuition though. The seat of compassion is a great sequence to enhance your awareness of your heart intuition practice this for a couple of days before the full moon and you will sail through this time without getting emotionally entangled.

If you have had a tough mercury retrograde then great to know its back in direct motion until later in the year. Some of the larger planets are still retrograde which does bring effects to the whole of humanity. Here in the UK there is more inevitable change going on. Staying calm and centred wherever you are in the world will certainly help to send ripples of piece out. If you are a meditator then the rainbow Kriya from the Dru Yoga Course is magical especially when you put your focus at the heart centre. If you find that too much then try kappalabhati or deep yogic breath for a few minutes each day.

Mercury moves into the sign of Taurus on May 16. When this planet was last here in early April Ideas that we were trying to manifest needed to be reviewed because mercury turned retrograde and moved back into Aries maybe some new ideas came arose from here. Now there is a clear path for your dreams and goals to be actioned mind you you have to be aware Taurus likes things at a more sedate pace as a slow steady earth sign so patience may be needed especially if you are a naturally quick thinking person. It may be a good time to practice your yoga at a slower pace, focussing on the fluidity of the movements along with coordination of the breath. The earth sequence is great for this.

May 20 sees the Sun enter Gemini so the atmosphere shifts to one which is friendly and communicative. Symbolised by the heavenly twins, Gemini need to make a connection. We are likely to feel more sociable and the flow of news, information, emails and social media may quicken to a torrent. Make time to chat, to meet with friends, reply to your messages. It’s good to talk.

The New Moon in Gemini on May 25 time to get out for a walk, enjoy reflective time and let go of targets for a day. You could confuse wanting to achieve something with wanting to control it, so time to let go practice waves of peace relaxation at this time.


Astrology for April 2017

The sun moves back to the beginning of the zodiac as it comes into the sign of Aries, spring gets underway and the energy around us begins to expand, just like the buds on the trees blossom our goals for the year may begin to manifest results. Use the incredible power of the breath to keep your goals and dreams working towards your highest aspiration, for the good of you, your family and the world.

A great pranayama technique is kapalabati breath. Gentle stimulating and greatly beneficial, this breath cleanses the brain and our thinking becomes clear and focussed.

Full moon in Libra on the 11th – opposites attract here. Whilst the sun is in Aries, the moon is in Libra opposing signs in the zodiac. Venus rules the sign of Libra and is all about relationships. Venus just happens to be retrograde until mid April, which also puts the focus on relationships. At this time, it is good to remember that we have to put energy into our relationships in order to help them become harmonious. Libra is an air sign that is about bringing balance into our lives. This is no more apparent than when we are with others. So at this time, practising your yoga with someone else will definitely be adding harmony to your personal world. As we already know the moon sequence brings balance to the emotions and calms troubled waters, follow this with a gentle sitting twist to allow peace to flow through the chakra system in an uninterrupted flow to the heart and then to the brow centre.

This is also a great time for creative ideas to flow, to form and to take shape.

The new moon falls in Taurus on the 26th April, and as the moon excels in this sign it is a perfect time to start a new big project or sort out your personal finances. Taureans love counting money!


The other notable planetary affect on humanity this month, is Mercury turning retrograde on 9th April through to 3rd May. Again caution is advised on signing anything important, especially connected with money whilst mercury’s energy is retrograde.


Astrology for March 2017

Ah... Spring is on the way! This month the moon is full in the sign of Virgo on the 12th March. Virgo is an earth sign and people born under this star sign are often known for their meticulous nature and attention to detail. They are the analysts of the zodiac and will often pick up on the tiniest of details that most people overlook. This can make them seem critical but often it is because they can spot the mistakes. This month the moon in Virgo could keep you busy for the day trying to perfect that email or fine detail every task, maybe even looking at others with a little critical judgement not normally present.

Start the day with a relaxing yoga practice that sets the mind at ease and brings peace down in abundance. A sequence such as the Seat of Compassion works wonders on the pranic body as well as bringing positive feelings and thoughts into your consciousness. Virgo energy can often reduce our confidence, so on this full moon, complete the simple tasks on the to do list. Enjoy the fresh air and take time to plan a deep relaxation into the day.

It is worth mentioning that the Sun and Mercury are conjunct on the 6th march. The Sun will boost the ego – self esteem and Mercury will increase good communication at this time. Sometimes however when a planet is close to the Sun it becomes combust or burnt up so you may find that communication instead of being positive and full of harmony is confusing and unclear.  The bridge pose helps the throat centre and may be a good pose to start this day, enjoying clarity and good communication all day as a result.

Venus turns retrograde on the 4th March until 15th April during which time it is beneficial to review how you view your relationships. This can also be used to review the areas of your life too especially your relationship with money. Venus is the planet of comfort and beauty and often is behind all our luxurious purchases that aren’t quite on the essential list but we just have to have!  

The new moon this month falls in the sign of Aries, you may recall Aries being full of passion and get up and go.  Well all that planning that you may have been doing during the eclipses in February needs to be put into action at this time. It is such a good time to start projects and to take action, so all those reflectors out there, put down your notebooks and believe your planning is good enough.

The Dru Power Sequence will definitely empower those projects at this time! To ensure the fire signs amongst you do not get too fiery, it may be useful to practice EBR 3 as well to attune the Pranamaya Kosha and Manomaya Kosha layers of your being. Then your actions will be born out of purpose to add peace to the world.


Astrology for February 2017

Full moon in Leo on the 11th comes just after a lunar eclipse on the 10th in fact they are almost together. This is an interesting time as the eclipse could be considered a new start. So we could reset our thinking and let go of emotions that do not serve us at this time. This is particularly useful if you put your attention onto your relationships, whether they are work or family or close friends, it is the perfect time for a fresh start. The eclipse will also reveal those relationships which may be in need of rebalancing so that those imbalances are replaced with harmonious interactions.

The moon is in the sign of Leo. Leo is a fire sign and is magnanimous in nature, larger than life but the eclipse will be felt more than the influence of any Leo traits this time around, although beware everyone may still want to be in charge of something! Things to watch for will be dynamics between people, at home at work etc., polar opposites can create a bit of friction but hopefully not for long.

Those of you who are fire signs, good to practice the Earth Sequence. For a week before the full moon and a few days afterwards. For earth signs the Sun Sequence, for water signs, the Moon Sequence and for air signs the Seat of Compassion.

Here are the signs:

Fire: Aries Leo Sagittarius

Earth: Taurus Virgo Capricorn

Water: Cancer Scorpio Pisces

Air: Gemini Libra Aquarius

The new Moon on the 26th February is in the sign of Pisces, some traits associated with Pisces include empathic, friendly often selfless and willing to help others, they are particularly intuitive and often artistic, sometimes they can seek attention a little too much and could be considered indecisive or lazy. Accompanying this new moon is a solar eclipse again this time becomes more powerful. New moon can become a new start which is perfect to build on the opportunities created by the full moon earlier in the month. It is great to look at old patterns of behaviour and find new inventive ways of changing those patterns into something very positive and joyful for your journey over the next year. Yoga practices that would help to create new positive habit patterns include, The Energy Block release sequences used in Dru, particularly EBR 3 as this sequence transforms stuck energy to the heart, where you can direct it towards a higher goal.

One thing to also consider this month is the planet Jupiter turning retrograde from the 6th February until the 9th June. Jupiter the planet of luck and expansion is giving you these few months to really establish your plans for success and happiness, Jupiter retrograde helps to recognise areas in your life you would like to develop and gives you the tools to achieve this. Meditation is a magical key here, particularly meditations on the Heart Chakra. It is also very useful to keep a journal of your own life goals and ambitions. What is it you have come to this earth to complete? Now that is a good question.


Astrology for January 2017

This month the full moon still arises in the sign of cancer as it did in December. We have looked at the qualities of the full moon in Cancer last month, but during January there is also the influence of the astrological sign of Capricorn to consider. Capricorn is slow and steady but ambitious and successful, slightly serious natured but brings discipline, this is such a good sign to have at the beginning of the year when we make new commitments to our practice ditching the old patterns and embracing positive practices to enhance our lives. It is a great time for focusing on goals, career, ambitions and producing results.

Capricorn is a reflective sign and builds on success and outcomes before embarking on new ideas, so those of us who like to forge ahead may find ourselves being held back a bit. Great to use Pranayama techniques during this full moon on the 12th January, keep balanced so emotions do not bubble up. EBR 7 is an incredible tool for really balancing out the chakra system, followed by some wonderful Deep Yogic Breathing will help this full moon pass without incident. Otherwise that Cancerian emotion meets that stubborn will not move earth quality of Capricorn.

The new moon is just after midnight on the 28th of January in Aquarius. Aquarius prepare for change at a moments notice! What we think we may have planned may not be in our control at this new moon, flow with it. The flowing Moon Sequence will pour cool clarity into your life, along with the brilliant pose Adha Chandra asana.

Aquarians are the new age thinkers of the horoscope, it is said they think in the future. This is a wonderfully original sign that at its best has great skills socially and have very creative ideas. Aquarians are truthful affectionate and imaginative. On the other side they can be unpredictable, unreliable, stubborn and indecisive. It is important at this new moon to flow, not to get stuck in what you want to happen, allow the universe to bring joy into your life by using one of the on-line meditations on light or breath.

Once mercury turns direct on the 8th things ease, even better in the western horoscope Mercury moves into Capricorn on the 12th which greatly improves our time management skills and helps us to overcome difficulties we may be experiencing with colleagues at work. Inversions also help at this time as our thinking and communication is directly linked to the planet mercury so it is useful to have a clear head! Try the shoulderstand, if that is too difficult try Viparita Karani (the supported shoulderstand and rest in this pose before you sleep at night)


Astrology for December 2016

The moon is in its own sign this month as it is full in the sign cancer on the 14th December. Cancer is the 4th sign of the zodiac, a cardinal water sign, cancerians are considered the experts when it comes to homemaking and can be fierce defenders of their family and loved ones. Those with a strong influence of cancer in their chart tend to be more emotional than the rest of the zodiac, as cancerians have the whole range of emotions available to them to choose from in any one moment.

Some qualities of the sign of cancer include, tenacity, creativity, spontaneity and loyalty, they love to take care of people but beware cancerians are often moody and can be considered pessimistic at times.


During this coming full moon it may be good to look at your work-life balance for the next few weeks, is it balanced? Are you able to enjoy your life with your loved ones and friends?

You may just want to curl up with a good book by the fire in this cold weather, it is also good to increase your practice of pranayama particularly Alternate Nostril breath for these winter months to keep your internal fire nice and balanced.

To help the flow of prana in your body focus on using postures that activate the whole of the spine, the sitting spinal twist is a great posture for awakening prana and getting it flowing up and down the spine. Use the twist to focus on the lower mid and upper part of the spine and put your attention on each chakra in turn.


New moon in Capricorn 29th December

The sign of Capricorn is on the opposite side of the zodiac to cancer, it is cardinal Earth sign. The typical Capricorn will exhibit the following qualities: cautious and conservative, very determined, practical and helpful. Can also be stubborn materialistic has a tendency to procrastinate and distrust others. Unlike the spontaneity of the Cancerian, the Capricorn loves to plan things in advance and loves routine organisation and stability. The new moon is sometimes not the best time to make decisions as these decisions make come from our unconscious habitual drives, instincts and cravings. It is a good time to listen to what your body wants rather than reach for another chocolate or cake. It is a wonderful time for letting go of the old and embracing the new, but also a time for relaxation at enjoyment with family and friends. Sometimes our yoga does get put on the shelf during the festive season, even a gentle EBR 1 before bed can put your whole body, heart mind back into perfect balance.


I have to mention that once again Mercury turns retrograde on 19th December until 8th January 2017. I believe this timing is perfect to let go of technology too much to relax, not put too much stress on your self with impossible deadlines and to get out onto the earth. It may be cold but if the weather is sunny take that opportunity to spend 20 minutes bathing in light.

It is also really useful to practice Tratak during the darker months. If you have not taken this up yet then December is the perfect month for lighting up your pineal gland and keeping your intuition and judgement sound.


I wish you all a beautiful festive season and look forward to sharing more astrological adventures with you in 2017





Monthly astrology for November 2016

Full moon in Taurus 14th November
The moon is said to be exalted in the sign of Taurus, stabilising the emotional moon and helping us to ground, autumn is a great time to get out and enjoy the kaleidoscope of colours nature displays for us to bathe in. In the southern half of the world spring is underway and again nature is blooming. This full moon brings the moon very close to the earth and from an astrological point of view, the moon is all about the mind and the emotions.

Taurus is a fixed Earth sign which is represented by a bull. We know a bull can be stubborn and on this full moon, being very close to the earth stubbornness will be popping up everywhere. It may be difficult to reach a compromise in meetings during the full moon. Good to leave negotiations until the moon has started to wane. The build up to this full moon may become emotional for some.

Some solutions may include to be present in every situation, always see others and allow them to express their thoughts and feelings in a constructive way. Keep your yoga practice together, It is a good time to practice the seat of compassion as this sequence uses the power of movement and affirmation to create openness towards others.

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, the energy of Venus in a person’s chart is concerned with the way we relate to others. For all of us Venus is probably the most interesting planet in the chart for where this planet resides depends on how we relate, whether through work or socially, with family, friends or strangers. Some people are naturally good at networking and others find it most difficult. I usually think Venus has influence here.

Those of us who have a strong Taurean influence on our chart may be practical and artistic, stable, nurturing, genuine and trustworthy. Taureans are considered loyal and dedicated in work and relationships alike. Some other traits can include, indecisiveness, prejudiced and sometimes a little bit tamasic.  
Its important to get out and walk this full moon, to prepare for your yoga practice with some energising activations Dru Style and give yourself an extra 10 minutes in your movement programme. Generally movement more than static postures will be useful during this full moon.


New moon ins Sagittarius 29th November
Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign, love of the outdoors is the trade mark of those of us who have a lot of Sagittarius influence in the chart. New moon in Sagittarius at the end of November may bring some long awaited optimism up through the unconscious mind bubbling up to the surface. Sagittarians are generally outgoing and friendly, courageous and love to travel, sometimes they can be a little careless and impatient with others.

One thing to observe is what you say to loved ones around this time. Tact can be out of the window and can cause unnecessary hurt. Good to taste our words before they come out at the new moon. Of course there will not be the intention or sting in the tail but just lack of awareness in what we say.

Meditation techniques for this time would include any heart based meditation practices you have been taught. Words spoken from the heart do not generally cause harm. Once again it is time to be outside before winter really draws in. good to be with friends enjoying good company and delighting in being part of someone else’s life.
Gently practice the sun sequence from now until Christmas in the morning to keep your vitality and energy levels prepared for the festive season.



Monthly astrology for October 2016

During the next couple of months, we will begin to explore the star signs in a little more detail. This helps us to appreciate others and their differences and qualities that sometimes create agitation or imbalance within our own hearts and minds.

We are going to look at the moon signs from a western astrological and psychological aspect including ways in which we are influenced by the moon and what will help maintain balance and harmony for us and those around us.

This month sees the full moon enter the zodiac sign of Aries on the 17th October. Aries by nature is a fiery sign with qualities and attributes such as, courage, strength, power determined, impatient and headstrong for example. Action is very much the influence of Aries as Mars is the ruling planet of this sign. An initiator rather than sustainer. You can always rely on someone with strong influence of Aires in their chart to start new projects have lots and lots of ideas but do not expect them to finish it. It frustrates and diminishes the creative fire within.

When the moon is at its fullest we all feel the affects of an Aries moon so to speak so we may feel more courageous, begin that practice towards our goal, set things in motion and act. Some people find the fire too much and become fiery, frustrated, self orientated and impatient at this time.  Turn this around by using inversions in your practice, see the world from a different view point for example the wonderful half moon pose is magnificent to practice during this time. It is a both a balance and an inversion at the same time. If you are a completer/finisher then an Aries moon may bring you new ideas for other projects to be involved in, run with them enjoy the time of creating new paths and new goals.

Meetings may get fiery, if you are the planner of the meeting wait until after the moon is full they will be much easier to facilitate after the energy has dissipated.

I think a nice strong yoga practice helps direct the energy of Aries at this time. Walking in nature is highly recommended. Vrksasana also brings your Chakras into a lovely alignment.

As much as Aries is outgoing adventurous and gregarious, Scorpio is often introverted, shy, quiet, contemplating and deep.
We have the new moon in Scorpio, as the full moon in Aries will allow everything to be In the open, albeit with some fire, the new moon in Scorpio is about secrets and the unconscious.  Mars also rules the sign of Scorpio, it is Mars slightly darker and more mysterious side that is manifest in this sign 
When Scorpio has a strong influence in a chart, qualities and attributes such as loyalty, resourcefulness, observant, passionate are present.  On the flip side, obsessiveness, shyness, suspiciousness, unyielding and manipulation can also be part of the psychological profile.
A person who is governed by Scorpio will definitely be able to sustain projects and achieve  goals.  Another trait of a person with strong Scorpio influence is the ability to control emotions. The trouble with that is negative emotions are often suppressed very deeply inside. This can lead to negative thought patterns of resentment and jealousy bubbling beneath the surface. 

As the new moon is about hidden and unconscious ideas, thoughts, habit patterns this moon may enhance some of our own doubts and uncertainties. Really consider your own thought process during the new moon on the 30th October.

Take time to relax with a soma relaxation, the moon sequence would be a useful practice to undertake but before you practice the movement spend five minutes considering your life and use an affirmation of gratitude for your life’s experiences. 

Using positive affirmations with your daily practice during the new moon will keep your energy high, your thoughts positive and your emotions calm and clear.

Others may not want to discuss things with you at this new moon.  Wait patiently until the moon becomes that beautiful waxing crescent and everything will be easier to discuss.


Astrology for September 2016

New moon is in Virgo on the 1st September and we move into autumn, Virgo is known as the healing sign, or fix-it sign of the zodiac. The new moon denotes things that may be hidden from us, Virgo is about analysis, so some quiet time after your yoga practice may just be what you need to create your plans for the next few months.  It is a great opportunity to use energy of Virgo to get organised.

Beware there could be a tendency to become a little critical of others at this time, its always good to note dates of the new and full moon as this cycle really affects our emotions and our logical/creative thinking patterns.

Mercury, turned retrograde on the 30th August and will stay this way until 22nd September Do remember, no big decisions especially legal ones until Mercury turns direct again. (With August being so busy I thought I couldn’t drop this one into your consciousness as well as all the other planets interacting the way they have been.

Time to practice cobra or sphinx, sitting spinal twist and any other postures that help the Throat Chakra, keeping our communication clear and kind.   The full moon is in Pisces on the 16th September, Pisces is sometimes considered the most psychic sign of the zodiac, the romantic soft energy of the Pisces moon may stir emotions, these can be both positive and negative, if you find you are spiralling in a downward direction, change direction! The Dog pose will certainly do this for you, it is like energising your chakras, so for the two weeks leading up to this full moon use this posture to keep your emotions level.

It is also a time to draw in the remaining warmth of the Sun towards the end of September, by using the Surya Namaskara with Mantra. World peace day falls on the Autumn Equinox 21st and is a time of peace and harmony where day and night are exactly the same length, as September is the month for analysis maybe it is a good day to reflect on your world, your relationships, how you see yourself in this world. It is a time to be kind to yourself and love and appreciate all you have done so far.  Light the World Peace Flame and sit it gratitude for a few minutes.

If you have completed the Dru Yoga Teacher Training course or have Chris Barrington’s Chakra Dharanam, there is a wonderful technique called the Chakra Rainbow Kriya, try using this wonderful balancing technique to awaken your Pranamaya Kosha.


Astrology for August 2016

As august is already underway we have seen the new moon arrive on the 2nd in leo bringing a sense of action, it is a good time for achieving up to the full moon in Aquarius on the 18th. This month's moon brings "out of the box" thinking and creative ideas are in abundance!

Jupiter moves into virgo on the 11th August, finally being released from its entanglement with Rahu, only for Mercury and Rahu to join together creating a unruly conjunct in the sign of Leo.

Rahu Mercury conjunct on the 9th August just might bring a bit of chaos when we communicate with others. Be mindful of others energy levels, emotional levels and logical reasoning, if you see communication spiralling out of control, be still, be calm, remember to breathe, reacting is only going to fuel the fire. Responding with attention and kindness always helps any situation. 

Jupiter in Virgo, is a better, calmer time on a social scale, things will seem more in control, even the financial markets especially within the UK and Europe may begin to settle
It is almost as if a veil is lifted and wisdom finally comes through.  Great time to use pranayama especially the alternate nostril breath, and meditation to listen to that inner wisdom that guides and helps each one of us.

Leo is a busy month with a cluster of planets all joining up as Venus also enters this sign. Which ever house Leo rules over in your chart this month will have some heat attached to it.  So wherever you are feeling the heat it will be good to recognise its because of the planetary conjuncts happening this month.  The tranquillity pose is a great way of creating balance for this month.

Full moon in Aquarius on the 18th opens you up to receiving new, exciting, creative ideas and can help you think 'out of the box'! 

Saturn and mars have been sharing the same sign of Scorpio for months now and come into a conjunct position between the 22nd and 26th.  This is very a unsettling time as these two big influences in our lives, both personally and globally. Definitely not a time to make decisions but more the time to sit in silence, light your flame and practice Tratak sending out peace to the world.

If you happen to know the Golden Eagle sequence, this is a great time to practice it. As these two planets are sitting in Scorpio, we can rise high transforming the energy of Scorpio which is often seen as desire to one of seeing the world from the highest like the Eagle.  If you do not know this sequence, then the Eagle pose is also an excellent way of building the quality of trust that all things are well.

So this month is pretty unbalanced because there is so much going on, use your yoga to keep yourself balanced by taking a little more time over your EBR’s. Use EBR 2 to keep your pranic body nice and fresh and in the present moment and EBR 3 to stay in your heart centre when you feel the imbalance in your work or home life.


Astrology for July 2016

This month’s focus is on the new and the full moon, as cancer is ruled by the moon and the moon’s influence on our lives is one of the most significant parts of our chart.

The new moon is in the sign of cancer on the 4th July.  Cancer is the emotional sign of the Zodiac and having the new moon sitting in this sign and the sun also in the same sign there may be emotional outbursts if things don’t go the way we plan, especially as the sun is also placed in this sign at this time.

One great solution is to have a two week plan from the new moon leading up to the full moon, it is also really useful not to make big decisions until after the 13th July.

Instead, take time to plan and nurture your dreams and ambitions. Cancer is the sign of the mother and positive attributes of this sign are nurture, protection and growth. A sincere calm mind is essential to help and I recommend the tranquility pose as a way of caring for yourself. If this is not for you then Vipariti Kirani (supported Shoulder stand) will also bring clarity to the mind and heart. 

One really good reason to practice the tranquility pose is that is helps to decant all those emotional stresses we hold on it in the day.  We have had a memorable June here in the UK and our future looks uncertain, fear is prevalent at the moment, this has been the influence of Rahu (north Node of the Moon) on Jupiter feelings of things getting out of control and moving too quickly has been felt all over the world.

Fortunately this aspect is separating and hopefully things will calm down a little. Practice EBR 5 to clear the recent past turmoil and begin July with a fresh clean outlook. I would also recommend you spend a little time reading some yoga philosophy, one of my favourite texts is the Bhagavad Gita and at this time is has helped me to focus on chapter two, a person of steady wisdom.

The full moon in July is on the 19th in the sign of Capricorn, good steady ambitious Capricorn!  Some of the positive qualities of Capricorn include integrity, discipline and dedication, so if you plan your two weeks leading up to the full moon well, you will be able to achieve your goals at this full moon.

Capricorn is an earth sign so does come with some of the qualities of earth, practical, kind, loving, but maybe stubborn, not so flexible.  A wonderful time to really stretch your body, with some strong poses, crane, dog, extended and rotated triangles to keep your mind and heart open to others.  This is also a lovely time to remind yourself of the Yamas and Niyamas from Patanjali’s yoga sutras.


Astrology for June 2016

Hi there,
This month I am going to move away from my normal planetary advice connected with the personal planets in our charts and talk about Neptune. This mysterious planet moves into a retrograde motion on June 13th.  Not another retrograde you say. Well yes and it has a dramatic affect on all of us. Neptune is about intuition, creativity, imagination, but is also connected with chaos and illusions. 

Our conscious mind is not really in control we need to access our unconscious through the practice of meditation in order to pierce through some of our more destructive habit patterns. It will be beneficial to keep your meditation practice together this month, it will help you determine what is real and what is illusion in your life. A really nice technique to consider is the practice of introspection, always handy to use when Neptune has a significant influence on us. This technique is available on the Believe in Yourself CD if you do not know it.

Mercury finally lets go of its retrograde effects and communication will start to improve. Mars aspects mercury on the 9th June, this also will help us to make those decisions we have been putting off or delaying.

The full moon stays in the sign of Sagittarius on the 20th Sagittarius connects us to our beliefs and our truths and indeed our search for the truth, the moon not having moved into the sign of Capricorn for June does also re-enforce this month’s quest for what is real and what is illusion.

The Salutation to the four directions is once again the way to pay tribute to the planet, to each direction, it brings us closer to mother nature, practice this outside for fuller effect and then take time to look at mother nature, enjoy the colours and the vibrancy of this time of year. It is helpful and balancing to connect with your heart centre and when you are in nature this tends to happen much more easily.  

Be careful that this full moon doesn’t drive you to overdo things, if that is your tendency, Sagittarius tends to push a little too much, this also includes overindulging!

Mars becomes direct again on the 30th June, bringing clearer thinking concerning our direction in life, our goals and aspirations. Take time before this date to use the reflective aspects of Neptune to really consider what is important so that when Mars begins its forward motion. Mars is the planet of action and is quite powerful at this time as he is placed in Scorpio (Mars rules over this sign, as does Neptune) therefore you can achieve a great deal if you plan wisely. 

By the end of the 30th Jupiter is almost out of Saturn’s influences. This will help free our lives up to expand and more of us will feel the positive influence of Jupiter, the planet of luck and fortune during the month of July.


Astrology for May 2016

This month has some very interesting events happening, for examples in vedic astrology the new moon on the 6th enters the sign of Aries, and is joined by the Sun, Mercury and Venus. This along with Mars and Saturn in Mars other sign Scorpio means that 6 planets are under Mars influence this month. This will be interesting for those of us who have Mars as their ruing planet. Mars along with Saturn, mercury, and Jupiter are all retrograde at the start of the month bringing change, unpredictability and reactivity (just look at the weather!). The yoga posture to combat this is my favourite, the peace posture. The standing forward bend practised outside with your bare feet and hands touching the earth will balance all aspects of your being. Try and get out whilst its not hailing!

9th May 2016 there will be a transit of Mercury across the face of the sun. This is a rare event and astrologers are predicting a brighter future ahead as a result of this transit. It may well be a time for expansion and growth for the economy once again. (interest rates rising also alas) it may be just what the world needs to ease the stress and strain of the past few years of austerity measures. Mercury is connected to trade and negotiation but also education and this transit will bring opportunities for the world to move forwards.

On a personal note this transit may help bring clarity purpose and design to our lives. This is a great time to honour the earth and to practice the four directions outside in nature.
Whilst Mercury is still in a retrograde motion reflective meditation and consideration of our communication skills is advisable. That being said the above transit will help us to reach out to others in an effort to better understand our relationships with others. Honesty and truth are in abundance during this time.

I think I may have mentioned before ask yourself 3 things before you speak:

  • Is what you are going to say true?
  • Is it necessary?
  • Is it kind?

I don’t think you can go far wrong using these guidelines to help.
Also on 9th may Jupiter begins a direct motion again, this is also a great sign that growth and expansion are on the way, it is little hampered by Saturn as this planet is aspecting Jupiter. On the 21st May the full moon joins Mars and Saturn in the sign of Scorpio, what a combination! Use balancing poses such as Vrksasana, natarjasana and varabhadrasana III to keep your mind focussed and clear as this combination brings fire and ice together.

The 22nd May sees Mercury resume direct motion, after you have let out a big sigh for a couple of days, enjoy the prospect of resuming your business plans, pick up your studies, and communicating with your friends and loved ones. Saturn and Jupiter conjunct does remind us all to keep our practice together and keep your work life balance in check and take time to enjoy nature in springtime, it is a magical time of year.

Astrology for April 2016

During April mars turns retrograde and joins Saturn in Scorpio, as you may remember Saturn in Scorpio is a good time to practice meditation, Mars joining Saturn in this house may make this less of a possibility or more of a challenge as Mars is both fiery and rajasic, (rajasic meaning that sometimes the fire is not controlled or not directed well) this may create fiery reactions coming from deep within your subconscious, this may remind you of any old scores to settle. Let go of this, Scorpio is that deep and mysterious sign where our hidden desires and past hurts reside at the bottom of a dark pool so remember to stay in the present moment and enjoy the practice of equal breathing to keep you connected to this moment.

Mars turns retrograde on the 20th April, and as it turns retrograde the fire turns inwards. These two planets Saturn and Mars are very interesting they are considered challenging for all of us and therefore together they can create imbalances to our health and emotions.
Saturn is a drying brittle planet, whilst Mars is a hot moist inflamed planet. Keep yourself in balance with the moon sequence, with good nurturing food, and deep relaxations.

The moon is new on the 7th April in the sign of Aries. Aries is a wonderful action packed fire sign with a hint of bossiness about it. Be careful not to be so much in charge that others feel undermined. Practice the seat of compassion, dedicating your sequence to those you love.

The full moon falls on the 22nd April in the sign of Scorpio, this is pretty significant as you can see that Mars and Saturn are also sitting in this sign.

Scorpio is the sign of secrets and limited communication, so keep your communication channels open with your loved ones and colleagues through this month by practising the lovely pose of the Camel, if that is a difficult pose for you then the cobra will certainly help you to align your throat chakra to be open to communicating your needs and wishes.

Finally good old mercury turns retrograde for the second time this year on the 29th April and stays this way for three weeks. You may begin to feel the effects of this retrograde though at the time of the full moon so it is very important to remember that good communication is essential to help keep your nature peaceful and content


Astrology for March 2016

We start the month of March off with a full moon in virgo on the 5th. Great for analysing different areas of our lives depending on which house is owned by virgo in your astrological chart for instance if you have virgo ruling your house of career/work you may become a little caught up in wanting things done perfectly. Good to let go a little with a deep relaxation or some wonderful alternate nostril breathing.

Saturn turns retrograde on the 14th march through until august, this tends to bring worries for some people and may even cause problems with authority/managers. It is not all bad though as it is a time when we can break down barriers and self reflect on our practice. Good to establish balance postures this month such as the tree, eagle and natarajasana (lord of the dance pose)
these will bring patience and concentration, diminishing worries at the same time.

On the 19th the new moon moves into Pisces is opposite to the full moon in virgo, pisces is less inclined to think about detail, is more intuitive and romantic. This is a time when your inner reflections may be much more heart based than earlier in the month, during the new moon it is useful to practice meditation, a great meditation technique is called the earth focus meditation, this really helps to anchor our creativity in a practical way.


Astrology for February 2106

New moon in Aquarius
The first two weeks of the four week cycle of the moon are the best time to action your plans. In order to achieve this, it is useful to use the triangle pose to balance your chakra system and the warrior pose to build up strength within your first and second chakras.
Mars is in conjunction with the sun at the time of the new moon. Mars is impulsive and aggressive and this can show itself in our actions.  In order to avoid over reacting in certain situations, it is important to focus on your thoughts and feelings.
Aquarius is a forward thinking sign and as we move towards Valentines Day it may not be the most romantic time for us all. However the moon moves into the sign of Taurus around the 14th and therefore treating your loved ones to a lovely meal (healthy of course!) would go down a treat. Alternatively treating yourself to a lovely massage therapy at this time would be just as nice.
Full moon in Virgo

Time to kick start that health plan from your New Year's resolution as the full moon in Virgo brings order to our thoughts and actions. Look at adding nutrition to your food as we have been in the depths of a dreary winter where the sun's rays do not really nourish us with all the vitamins we need. Treat yourself to a consultation with a qualified therapist to enhance your diet and your lifestyle.

Why not follow Annie's liver detox plan or at the least incorporate the simple sitting twist into your daily yoga plan. This is a great time to begin a few weeks of using EBR 2 to change our energy state and spring board us into March and beyond. Beware of expansive Jupiter which will be in retrograde until May as we can waste our days planning, not acting or worse, not doing anything at all!
After the 24th the planets begin to separate out and things will ease into spring. As spring begins enhance your yoga practice; why not try using Setubandasana as it lightens the heart centre and fills you with prana.


Astrology for January 2016

January promises to be eventful in the astrological world.
We have the first mercury retrograde of the year beginning on the 7th and running through until the 25th of the month. As you may remember this brings communication breakdowns, computers playing up, emails misunderstood and general misunderstanding between people. The ambitious new moon in Capricorn falls on the 10th adding reactive communication into the pot!

This new moon may help us to break old habit patterns and look to establish newer healthier habits for the new year.  There are some great techniques to help this further. Firstly you want to be kind to yourself in all of this reactive soup! The seat of compassion is a great sequence for bringing compassion to your own life and those around you. Practice this around the new moon and become an observer of events. 

The new moon heralds the start of the 28 day cycle of the moon and whilst we can create new ideas and new projects, not all of them will succeed. Be willing to flow with new ideas, not dismissing any and not becoming too attached to them at the same time – pranayama helps the mind to stay focussed and balanced, particularly the alternate nostril breath

This month sees the start of a Jupiter-Rahu conjunction that will last until the end of February, this is a strong transit that will indeed affect people in different ways depending on the placement of Jupiter in your chart.

In vedic astrology Rahu is said to be about destiny, Rahu is the north node of the moon and Ketu, is all about karma, Ketu is the south node of the moon. These points are relevant and important to all of us and when we experience a strong conjunction everyone is affected on a personal level. Wherever this manifests for you in your life, for example relationships, finance, career, home - feel that this is is only transitory and will change come the end of February.  A strong yoga practice during this time keeps you balanced throughout these transits and changes. The world seems quite unsettled at the moment, bring a sense of peace to your own practice and before you end your practice dedicate your practice for the good of all beings. 

The full moon enters Leo on the 24th of January, everyone will want to be in charge at this time! It is important to remember we are still in mercury retrograde until the 25th so misunderstanding with Leo fire is a possibility. 

January is all about renewal and new beginnings, let your ideas and projects flow through to February where energy and vitality may project your dreams forward in a more tangible way. 


December Horoscope

As we move into December there are just two aspects that I would like to focus on this month, the new and the full moon. The moon has the most powerful influence over us than all the other planets as the moon influences our minds and our minds influence our mood, our emotions our health and our happiness.

The New moon in Sagittarius on the 11th is a time to review the year, to let it rest and to begin your vision and dreams for 2016. It is a time to allow our inner self to guide us forward with hope and inspiration. Our reality is what we dream it is, i came across this quote which seems to fit well with this new moon.


"We are developing the idea that our consciousness is part of the material world and that with our consciousness we can directly influence our world. With our intentions, with our emotions,  we can directly influence our environment"  

Dr Konstantin Kovoltkov computer science and biophysics professor


The new moon in sagittarius is also about adventure and open spaces, let your dreams and goals for 2016 develop and take shape whilst you practice some powerful sequences, the sun, moon and earth are all good sequences to practice especially outside if you are able.  But the sequence that can really awaken your dream is EBR 6. It is the sequence that reminds us we all have a part to play on earth and in this universe and that connection to each other is the key. Allow your yoga to influence your consciousness towards peace and harmony within and around you.  

The full moon on Christmas day is all about home, family and security, but it comes with emotions so this day which can be rushed and stressful for many is about taking time out from the emotions otherwise things will come to a head probably at the dinner table! Lead up to Christmas with the Salutation to the Four Directions, this sequence clears all areas of our lives and can really make a difference when stress comes into our lives.

Take time to practice the sitting forward bend in the evening. This posture as well as being a magnificent stretch for those tight hamstrings is a great asana for allowing compassion to arise, compassion for yourself, gratitude and forgiveness are all developed with the practice of this posture. The full moon is in the sign of cancer, and in the western horoscope the sign of Cancer is about the home and security, Cancerians can be tenacious and like crabs tend not to let go of anything easily. They are the queens/kings astrologically of the full range of human emotions and really know how to delve into emotional baggage from the past. I say this as a Cancerian myself, but when the full moon is in Cancer emotions are heightened for everyone. This is when the practice of the standing forward bend will enable us to literally see things differently! 

Remember to have a nice long relaxation in the morning practice some wonderful pranayama (the Alternate Nostril Breath brings balance to the emotions) and the Eagle pose. The Eagle Pose is great for awakening the truth in your heart.

I wish you a peaceful and joyful time this Christmas and look forward to delving into what 2016 may bring 


Astrology for November 2015

As we move into November, the planets are conspiring to create great opportunities for us to practice our yoga and meditation.

The first planetary aspect worth noting is Venus and Mars conjunct, that means they are acting like one planet so when you have the planet of fiery impatience, action and leadership together with the planet of close relationships guess what may happen! A bit of heat and conflict may enter close relationships especially when one partner considers that the other is not taking them seriously. Be aware you may be the one not taking your partner seriously, or you may be the one being offended and reacting. This of course depends where these planets are placed in your personal chart, whether the affects bring you benefits or challenges.

Now before I suggest a practice for this, lets move to the new moon in Scorpio on the 11th. So from there being possible conflict with your loved one at the beginning of the month, feelings intensify somewhat and you may start to wonder what on earth is going on! At the time of the new moon in Scorpio we tend to think deeply and sometimes very emotionally, so things could get fiery once again and we may not be able to get an objective view on it all. The yogic practice for both of the both planetary influences is... wait for it… deep relaxation! Ah yes, the practice we promise ourselves but never quite get round to it often enough!

Now is the time for you to get out the cosiest blanket and practice deep relaxation. If you happen to know the Soma relaxation from the Dru Yoga Teacher Training course, then go for it, if not a simple autogenic relaxation will bring immense benefits at this time. It is also a great time to reflect on Patanjali's Yamas and Niyamas as a tool for balanced thinking and acting.

Moving swiftly towards the full moon in Gemini on the 25th. This is a time to get yourself outside into the light, action is the key for this full moon. The Golden Eagle sequence is a lovely practice to perform outside if you get the opportunity. In the northern hemisphere the nights are getting longer and it is important to utilise the hours of daylight to draw the light of the sun inside. Of course, in the southern hemisphere its still perfect to draw that golden light into your cells.

In the evening use the wonderful practice of Tratak (candle gazing) to keep the light alive within. Lighting the candle connects you to the great sun and it is important during the dark winter nights to practice this technique to keep the mind positive.

On the 18th Saturn begins a long aspect with Neptune, this is a general aspect which tends to affect us as a population, although our reactions to this aspect are individual and governed by the placement of these planets in our chart. Its a gloomy aspect that brings a little bit of uncertainty to our lives, this is where our practice really helps, keeping a regular yoga practice together along with relaxation, pranayama and meditation will enable you to see the light in every situation.

Take time to review your daily practice and bring together some powerful techniques to re-establish a complete yogic practice. It is Hindu New Year (Diwali) on the 11th at the time of the new moon, it’s a great time to light a flame and create your New Year plans!

Happy Diwali!






Astrology for October 2015

This month is a dynamic month of great opportunities. Aspects this month include Mars conjunct Jupiter on October 17th. This is a good aspect for physical activities as the energy of Mars is expanded by Jupiter. It is a good time to start something new and adventurous, depending on where these two planets lie in your own personal chart this could manifest in your work area, your relationships, home, family, financial gains etc. Regardless of your chart - this month there is energy around to help you achieve your dreams, goals, desires.


However, over confidence might blind you to the fact that some things can get out of hand as risk taking is also on the table. Use meditation to think your ideas through.


Communication will become easier from the 9th October when mercury returns to a direct motion. Phew. A really great yogic technique is the alternate nostril breath, it brings balance to any decisions you make and helps you to see clearly using both the left and right hemispheres of the brain. If you are the impatient type, yes you Aries and Leo… this technique is particularly useful.


The new moon rises in libra on the 12th, so inwardly you will be wishing for, hoping for, work/life balance, so it’s a great time to take stock of your daily practice. Are you reviewing your practice on a regular basis? Or do you just do the same thing as you have done for the past 20 years? Our lives are so full that balance is always something to strive for but not that many of us achieve a good balance all of the time. Nor should we expect this to be the case - balance in our lives takes effort and planning. With the new moon in Libra we will want to create a balance in a certain area of our lives, as Libra is about harmony.


The full moon on the 27th moves through Aries and into Taurus during its peak. Full moon in Taurus means you can expect stubbornness and fixed ideas from others and, dare I say it, yourself too! It’s a great time to look up some of those flowing Dru sequences, you have been taught over the years!


The Dru Power sequence will bring that fluidity and grace to your day and also give you clarity during this time. The Seat of Compassion is a wonderful sequence which may help those Earth signs not get too bogged down in the mud and to see other people’s thoughts as valid and worth pursuing.


Astrology for September 2015

Here we are coming into autumn and a busy month astrologically ahead for us all.The new moon is in Virgo on the 12th. Virgo is the sign of details and analysis, the new moon is about that which is unconscious and not fully known to us unlike the effulgence. The new moon is a time of reflection, but we could end up being a little bit critical of others on this day without having the full picture. Take stock of the way you think when being given any information.  I love the idea that we have an amazing array of helpful techniques on the online studio to help us through our astrological disturbances, and no doubt working with some of the meditations available at the beginning of this day will help to keep our mind in balance.

Venus turns direct again on the 6th helping to ease any hiccups in personal relationships. Likewise Pluto also returns to a direct motion. This may also help in releasing control which may have been a burden since April. All this will help us to ease into autumn where we can begin to appreciate the wonderful colour scheme of nature. I say this because it will be useful to spend time out in nature away from computers and emails as Mercury turns retrograde again for the final time this year on the 17th.

Mercury in retrograde means we need to remember that we can't help how others communicate or react and therefore we have to monitor our own reactions and centre ourselves in the heart before we make any response. It’s sometimes useful to ask yourself this question before you speak: “Is what I am about to say… kind, truthful or necessary?” This helps to keep our communication clear and positive. Affirmations really work at this time, especially when our buttons are being pressed.

Secondly when dealing with Mercury in retrograde it is important to take time out in nature to keep centred. Try the earth sequence outside by some trees to bring up some calming earth energy into our being. Use pranayama techniques such as the Deep Yogic Breath, Alternate Nostril Breath or the simple diaphragmatic breath to calm the mind.

As I have written previously, Mercury is all about communication and when this planetary body turns retrograde everything becomes more difficult even the sending of emails can be a challenge! Often people state that their computers don't work so well at this time and definitely travel and transport becomes more arduous.
Lastly, this month sees the full moon in Pisces on the 27th.  Watch out for those emotions, they will certainly be in the driving seat on this full moon. If you keep changing your mind about things that is ok, as it is also a trait of the affects of the Pisces full moon. Don't take things too personally (easier said than done) and indulge in that chocolate bar, but only one... Start the full moon day with the intention “my day is filled with positive actions”. And if you tend to love those things which are not so good for you… you may want to affirm
“I love my life, my body, my health and I want only the best for myself”. You can also use this whilst practicing the beautiful moon sequence.






August 2015

As we move into August having had two full moons in July our focus turns to the effects of Venus square Saturn and Venus conjunct Jupiter 

Firstly a retrograde Venus square Saturn for the duration of august may mean some challenges in seeing eye to eye in close relationships particularly personal relationships and friendships. Take a breath or two.. deep yogic breath is useful and see the bigger picture. Be gentle with your words and actions. It is a good month for getting those less exciting jobs completed as mercury, Jupiter and later in the month the sun enter the sign of Virgo it brings that long awaited earthy energy back into our lives. 

As powerful as the full moons in July were sometimes its good to get down to basics and create a lovely yoga practice  involving slow rhythmical sequences such as the seat of compassion and the moon sequence to ground your energy. 

The Earth sequence followed by a nice long relaxation would not go amiss this month and although the suggestion here is take a month to relax and chill that doesn’t mean lying on a haystack chilling in the summer sun…… there is still some work to do. 


Venus conjunct Jupiter until the 11th August may cover up cracks in frail relationships be prepared to be honest with yourself about who you hang out with and decide if you are happy. The new moon in Leo on the 14th  take this opportunity of Leo fire to self promote your skills your creativity, your inner child and create your vision board for the future. The full moon on the 29th is in Aquarius quite a different feel to it it’s a time to put those plans on your vision board into action. Aquarians think ahead of the rest of the zodiac and they are not often wrong. Ideas that come, however, unconventional may bring some good results.

Actualise all this by using EBR 4 to manifest your dreams.

Have a great month!



July 2015

The second month of summer hosts two full moons the first of which is right at the beginning of the month on the 1st in Capricorn. Capricorn is a sign of creativity and ambition, the full moon in this sign may however slow you down if you tend to move fast; this is not a bad thing!  Sometimes full moon in Capricorn may bring stubbornness or a contrary attitude towards others. To add to this Pluto is also in Capricorn and this may lead to emotional outbursts to which are highly charged and emotional and not altogether objective in nature. To confound matters even further mars sits in the sign of cancer where emotions are fired up! Eek you say, run for the hills!  It's only a day or two so be prepared and the old saying forewarned is forearmed comes into play here.  So if you feel that you wish to express yourself with an emotional outburst to prove a point.  Take the yogic path….Deep Yogic Breath, coupled with the wonderful equal ratio breathing technique Sama Vritti will help… All is not lost put that emotional passion into dreaming big, Venus and Jupiter are there to help with confidence and support. 


Full moons are about things being revealed to us, moon in Capricorn can reveal how to fulfil your dreams and ambitions – spend time in the crocodile posture and feel the support of the earth. It seems the moon steals the show in July and the new moon in Cancer is a time where you may find yourself wanting to practice introspection and meditation. Pick one of the lovely meditations on the online studio and balance your whole being. Full moon on the 31st July in Aquarius is a different energy altogether. Reactions are much more objective and mindful than emotional, the need to move forward to improve, it is more likely that social gatherings will draw you at this time. One thing is for sure the moon sequence is an essential component of your yoga practice for the month of July.


Towards the end of the month Venus turns retrograde 25/7 – 6/9. This is an interesting time where astrologers may say that starting new relationships may not be the best. I think that retrograde means reflection on your inner world. So evaluating your interests and what and who you value is going to be a useful thing to do during this time. Remember we are the creators of our destiny and the planets are there to help and guide our daily lives. This does not mean we bow to what may be, we make our choices and yoga is a great choice 100% of the time.


June 2015

The month of June brings a. Busy time for mental activity as the sun, energetic mars and Mercury all move into the sign of Gemini. So much to do, so little time way of thinking. It may become exhausting as indecisiveness rules for the first three weeks of June. This leads to plenty of discussion. It is really useful to practice the wonderful EBR 3 sequence to help direct your energy towards successful goals.

Mercury moves into direct motion on the 11th helping to clear channels of communication. It is a good time to make big decisions especially in business whilst Mercury is in direct motion.

Interestingly the month on June sees Saturn move into the sign of Scorpio on the 14th until September 17th. This will not happen again until 2041. It is a good time to delve into meditation and mantra to help balance the frenetic combination of Mars, Mercury and the sun all in Gemini, compounded by the new moon on the16th also in Gemini.

Make some time this month to relax using a guided relaxation. Give yourself time alone to counteract the business's of the month and enjoy your own company.



May 2015

Spring is here, and changes for the country afoot with the general election, which may bring uncertainty; this may well be fuelled by the planets movements during the month of May. Remember Saturn is still retrograde until august and has a global effect on authority, discontent will be the undercurrent of our daily lives. This coupled with Mercury turning retrograde once again on the 18th of this month, brings disruption to effective communication across the globe. 

It is a good time to reflect on how we communicate with each other our friends, families and colleagues. The bridge/cobra twinset is a great practice during mercury retrograde to keep the throat centre balanced. Whilst we cannot be responsible for the actions of others at this time it is important to be more conscious of delays in achieving goals, miscommunication of information and computer glitches etc. 

It is important to be much more aware on a personal level of what is going on around us and to act with awareness from our heart. Otherwise we tend to act from a point of hurt when our buttons are being pushed. We can do some really good internal reflection during this period and I have found that meditation on sound is a great way to develop the sense of listening to others and also listening to our inner self. 

Another wonderful technique is to use introspection (on the CD Believe in Yourself) to bring clarity to each day, this helps to a create new and more positive way of thinking towards yourself and others. The use of centring techniques such as balancing postures like Vrksasana, bring stability to our inner core.

Just before mercury turns retrograde we have a new moon in Taurus on the 17th this is a good time to stop, take a moment to commit to personal goals set and reflect on new ways of creating income, what makes us happy and fulfilled and what is important to us in our lives. One wonderful yoga pose to help us to reflect is the beautiful Natarjasana (the dancer pose). When practised earnestly this posture reveals a wonderful secret to us, I look forward to hearing what secrets you find within this pose.



April 2015

April begins with a full lunar eclipse on the 4th. This is an interesting month astrologically, it may bring the energy you need to complete that outstanding job still left undone or complete things that have been left unsaid. Be aware that with the sun in Aries, that wonderful fire sign, and the moon in libra an air sign, there may be times when you are feeling the fire instead of calming in down.

These two star signs may create a bit of instability in the first part of April so it is important to keep vigilant with your practice. Practising the forward bend and the crocodile will help to bring water and earth together to balance the elements within.

During April Jupiter aspects Mercury and Mars on the 21st. I always think Jupiter brings luck and fortune into our lives, Mercury is the planet of communication and Mars the planet of action. During these aspects Jupiter is square Mars and Mercury, this restricts the qualities of the planets somewhat and may create challenges with communication increasing the chances of agitation or reactive responses rather than calm communication. Look to work with the cobra and bridge to establish a lovely balanced energy within the throat centre.

During the new moon on the 18th there are five planets in the sign of Aries.
The sun, Mars, Uranus, Venus and of course the moon itself. This could be a flashpoint or flashlight of emotions. Mars the warrior, Uranus an unpredictable planet, Venus the peacemaker, together with the sun and moon have the potential to motivate and move our goals nearer to realisation. Considering the unpredictable combination of these planets all in the sign of Aries my advice for this month is to establish your yoga practice at the beginning of the month and build energy and vitality up to meet the new moon with a calm and quiet mind.

Yoga for April would include the sun sequence in the morning and the moon sequence in the evening.



March 2015

We start the month of March off with a full moon in virgo on the 5th. Great for analysing different areas of our lives depending on which house is owned by virgo in your astrological chart for instance if you have virgo ruling your house of career/work you may become a little caught up in wanting things done perfectly. Good to let go a little with a deep relaxation or some wonderful alternate nostril breathing.

Saturn turns retrograde on the 14th march through until august, this tends to bring worries for some people and may even cause problems with authority/managers. It is not all bad though as it is a time when we can break down barriers and self reflect on our practice. Good to establish balance postures this month such as the tree, eagle and natarajasana (lord of the dance pose)
these will bring patience and concentration, diminishing worries at the same time.

On the 19th the new moon moves into Pisces is opposite to the full moon in virgo, pisces is less inclined to think about detail, is more intuitive and romantic. This is a time when your inner reflections may be much more heart based than earlier in the month, during the new moon it is useful to practice meditation, a great meditation technique is called the earth focus meditation, this really helps to anchor our creativity in a practical way.



February 2015

Having re-assessed your goals for the year at the new moon in January now as we approach February we start the month of with a full moon in the sign of Leo and at such a time our goals, ideas, dreams for 2015 may start to take shape.

Leo is such a magnanimous and generous sign that giving is always in the hearts of everyone at this time it is also a time when everyone decides its time to take charge of projects, tasks, activities personally and whilst this seems a kind thing to do, too many bosses create a little bit of conflict, if you are a person who likes to take charge take a moment and consider ways of letting others make decisions at this time. We of course have to remember that mercury is still retrograde until the 11th of the month so misunderstandings could reach a head around the full moon. A lovely practice of a strong EBR 2 coupled with silent sitting meditation may ensure a smooth ride through the full moon period.

For each month we will look at aspects of both eastern and western astrology to determine what practices will ensure we enjoy our life to the full, even the challenges become a joy, some general transits for February include  sun opposite jupiter on the 6th if you are a fiery natured person jupiter may expand this fire a bit great to use the moon sequence to calm down that fire. Alternatively if you need a bit of fire at this time its a great day to practice the sun sequence and get fire into your system. New moon on the 18th in aquarius, some out of the box ideas may come your way, dont make too many decisions but let the ideas come through and grow in their own time. Venus and Mars are conjunct on the 20th its that amazing male and female energy working together to spring forward into March.


January 2015

During January we begin to feel the light becoming brighter around the 15th helping to lift our mood, each week the days begin to lengthen.

The new moon in Capricorn on the 20th is aspected by venus mercury the sun and saturn. This will bring many changes especially in government decisions. On a personal note though if you made any new year goals and plans for 2015 now is a time to re evaluate and use the wonderful sequence of EBR 3 to cement these goals for the year. At this time is it great to practise meditation and to re-evaluate your goals and dreams for the coming year.

Mercury Retrograde - communication may be an issue right now!

On the 21st January Mercury the planet of communication turns retrograde, and as such miscommunication happens on a global and personal level. If there is something you need to air best left until the 11st February when Mercury turns direct once more, as often people misinterpret communication during Mercury's retrograde periods. Mercury has 3 a year and I will be letting you know when they are so you can prepare for them. Its time it think before you speak a great reflection I find useful before I open my mouth at these times is 'is what I am about to say kind?' if not I tend to clamp down on my thoughts.

Helping to keep miscommunication to a minimum is the wonderful Earth sequence, practised daily during this time it will bring a calmness to any whirlwind thoughts.


What is Vedic Astrolgy?
Vedic astrology is a science that can show us our opportunities and challenges so as to help us navigate our life. This is both a practical and spiritual form of
 astrology and provides a way for us to understand ourselves.

An Astrology ‘chart’ is a map of the moment of your birth. The arrangements of planets over the place and time of birth form the Vedic astrology chart which is a symbolic map showing the individual’s journey on its path through the cycle of life.

“The astrology chart is the ‘cosmic’ map of your karmic 
imprint showing all that is to unfold in this life. 
Within this imprint there is destiny and also free will. So there are many opportunities for directing your life as you follow your life purpose.” Yildis Sethi

For this reason Vedic astrology is an empowering tool in helping you to understand your self and make the most of
 your potential.