Dru Yoga Online

Dru Yoga Online

Imagine you are joining a yoga studio…except you don’t have to leave home to attend the class!


Enjoy a 30 day FREE TRIAL for our online studio and then for just £9.99 a month you can discover a new way to practice Dru Yoga which combines flexibility and expert instruction within the convenience and privacy of your own home. Our Online Studio offers quality and variety, with themed six week courses and regularly uploaded new classes. Classes can be watched as many times as you like allowing you to improve and refine your practice. With no minimum subscription it can be quickly dipped into or learnt in more depth over time. Join now and begin taking the first steps towards a healthier and more rewarding life.


  • Yoga at your convenience
  • Extensive video library
  • World renowned instructors
  • Only £9.99 per month


Dru Yoga online...
yoga when you want it where you want it!


Enjoy Dru Yoga in the privacy of your own home, at the office - or even on the bus :-)

Live like a celebrity!

Now, for the eqivilent of a latte a week you can live like a celebrity with world class yoga and meditation teachers training you in the comfort of your own home. Classes can be watched as many times as you like, allowing you to gradually master and improve your practice at a pace that suits you. 

New videos are regularly uploaded, and our classes can be practiced by people of all levels of ability, age and experience. So, whether you are new to yoga or a regular practitioner, Dru Yoga Online has something for everyone.



Dru Yoga at home

Mouli MacKenzie

Enjoy your Dru Yoga at home

Why Dru Yoga Online?

There are many reasons we can think of that you might like to join Dru Yoga online. Here are just some of our ideas:

  • Develop your yoga practice from beginner to advanced, at your own gentle or fast pace, in the comfort and privacy of your own home.
  • Learn from very experienced teachers, with the assurity that you will not be injured.
  • Themed 2-4 week classes, individual classes, or 10 minute quick-fixes – the choice is yours!
  • Therapeutic, safe, effective Yoga classes, designed to enhance your life on every level.



Join Dru Yoga online today

Enjoy a 30 day free trial with full access to all videos 24/7!


Practise Dru Yoga outside

Dru Yoga online

Take your Dru Yoga off the mat

Meet Dru Yoga experts

Dru Yoga Online is the official yoga video subscription site of the International School of Dru Yoga. We're recognised as the second largest teacher training school in the UK and we've been training yoga teachers for over 30 years. All the tutors you'll meet at Dru Yoga Online are qualified Dru Yoga teacher trainers, many of whom have been teaching for over 30 years! Never before has it been possible to access such wealth of experience and knowledge from Dru Yoga teacher trainers from around the globe in one location.



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Jill Blandford

Dru Yoga teacher, Mold

As a Dru Yoga teacher, I have found the dru online studio such an inspirational tool. After completing the DYTT I really missed the connection with the centre in Snowdonia and also the friendship and support of all my yogi friends. The online studio keeps my own practice fresh, which if so important before I can inspire others. It also gives me new ideas for classes, fresh ways of presenting sequences etc, ways to express myself when giving instructions.....and much more. There is such a variety of teachers, classes, meditations to choose from. It's also lovely to be led in a class and become the student once again. There is so much to learn and the Online studio shares the treasures of Dru so willingly and kindly.

Finding your perfect class...

Our newly designed search tool means you can choose the duration, class theme, level of difficulty and the therapeutic benefits you desire.

  • Choose classes ranging from between 10 and 60 minutes
  • Many teachers from all around the world
  • Many different themes like 'Strengthen and Tone' & 'Balancing Emotions'
  • Health conditions e.g back pain, headaches, shoulder tension etc.
  • Meditation & pranayama
  • Discover the power of sound with our Dru Sound classes
  • Challenge yourself to something new with our Dru Dance classes
  • All our yoga classes based on classical yoga postures, including mudras, (hand gestures) positive affirmations, and powerful flowing sequences.
  • Dru is safe, therapeutic and tailored to suit your needs.


Dru Yoga Online is a great way to do your yoga!
When you want it... where you want it!




Dru Yoga students practising plough posture

Dru Yoga teacher training

Discover yoga in the company of like-minded people

Dru Yoga Online is a great resource for yoga teachers and student teachers...

Take the stress out of teaching your yoga classes… copy our classes for your classes! There are over 100 pre-thought out classes and pre-designed 6 week programmes for you to roll out. You can also learn and practise your languaging skills, class design and explore the various health applications of yoga.

Training courses