How Dru Yoga works

How Dru Yoga works

How it works

Dru yoga and meditation offer a variety of benefits to your body, mind and emotions. It can help reduce physical tension in the body, increase positive thinking and transform your life in a way that ripples out to benefit all of those around you.


Rosie Marsden

Rosie Marsden

DRu Yoga teacher & University student

Energy Block Release sequences are unique to Dru and really offer the mind and body so much goodness in such a short time...

Energy Block Release sequences

Just as a house needs electricity to power all its appliances, so the body requires a constant supply of prana, or energy, to enable the organs to function well. Energy flows freely through the body when our lives are harmonious and we express ourselves easily.

Causes of energy blocks

  • inadequate exercise
  • poor posture
  • stiff muscles and joints
  • negative and inflexible patterns of thoughts and behaviour
  • unexpressed thoughts and emotions


EBR4 - living with wisdom (with Coby Langford)

Energy Block Release 4 is also called "living with wisdom" and is a mudra energisation sequence.

This sequence is very helpful for whenever we may experience circumstances that cause us to doubt our capabilities or question our decisions.  Regular practice of this sequence during such times of challenge or uncertainty will renew our inner conviction, remind us of our personal power and bring clarity about the way forward.



Energy Block Release sequences are powerful, effective and graceful.


Try it today!


What happens to blocked energy? 

Blocked energy lodges itself first in our joints. If it isn’t released, it goes deeper and settles in the muscles and from there into the internal organs. Unless discharged it will eventually create an environment in which disease can develop.

Releasing trapped energy

Dru Yoga EBR sequences are carefully designed movement programmes that work systematically through the body to release tension and clear energy blockages. The freed energy is then available to be used to heal the body and empower the mind. 


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Dru is a style of yoga that can be quickly dipped into or learnt in more depth over a lifetime.

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