Yoga Teacher Training Study Dates & Fees - Midlands |


Study Dates & Fees

Join thousands of Dru Yoga teachers who have created transformational communities around the world. 

  • Graduate in one year.
  • Style of yoga that's accessible to all fitness levels and levels of ability.
  • Open to UK and international participants. 
  • Learn from multi-disciplinary yoga experts. 

Course Dates 

1st intake: March 25/26

2nd Intake: April 29/30

June 3/4

July 15/16

September 2/3

October 7/8

November 18/19

January 20/21

March 2/3

Assessments: April 13/14


The Great Barr Hotel
Pear Tree Drive
West Midlands B43 6HS

Payment Plans 

We recognize that planning ahead is important when it comes to budgeting, so we want to make payment for the course as easy and stress-free as possible with options to spread your costs.

REGISTRATION FEE: A one-off payment of £79
(If your application is not accepted, your registration fee will be refunded.)


12 monthly payments of £231.
Start payments in January 2023.

Pay one sum of £2,550 
(save over £200).


Foundation Course consists of the first 6 days of the course
5 monthly payments of £231.

How to reserve your place 

Reserve your place by submitting a Registration Fee of £79 and filling in a Registration Form.

Once your application has been accepted you will then receive immediate access to the Dru Yoga Online Studio (worth £92 per year).